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Magic Thermodynamic Box is a UK company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of quality renewable energy products solely to businesses across Europe. Based in Essex, the company was founded to provide the UK with green, environmentally friendly products, to improve the environment and resist climate change.


Everyone is aware of the increase in the cost of energy bills and the relentless upward trend of pricing, however, some homes are restricted to what they can do to save money due to the outdated design of the property. The Magic Box Company therefore are pleased to introduce a new product to its range, the Little Magic Box. It is unique and innovative. Using proven technology it works by extracting energy from the ambient atmosphere and provides low cost domestic hot water 24 hours a day.


How does the Little Magic box work?


  •  The external thermodynamic aluminium panel circulates an inert gas and ozone friendly refrigerant. Energy is absorbed transforming the liquid into a gas which is passed to the Little Magic Box. The panel works during the day and night whether it is raining, cloudy or snowing outside overcoming the disadvantage of traditional solar thermal that only works during the day. The panel can be installed on a wall or roof making it more viable for properties that are restricted from the shape or amount of space available.


  •  The gas within the Little Magic Box is compressed causing the gas to heat up. The hot gas is sent through a heat exchanger, heating water taken from the existing water cylinder. This hot water is then returned to the cylinder. The Magic Box therefore continually heats the water and maintains the cylinder at 55oC. Once 55oC is achieved the system goes into standby mode.


  •  The Little Magic Box system is very simple to install. Connections are made to the hot and cold feeds of a customer’s existing standard cylinder and water is circulated through the Little Magic Box. This means the existing cylinder is utilized and does not need to be replaced. The Little Magic Box comes with one panel but a second panel can be installed to further increase the recovery rate by up to 20% giving the customer a substantial saving on their hot water bills.

For general information or for details on how you can become a distributor of this new product go to www.magicthermodynamicbox.com.

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