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Mobile Fun, about to go viral


Or at least we think so! Mobile Fun are one of our sources for accessories, and yesterday, they have released their first ever video advert, so have a click below to watch it.

And yeah, as they have mentioned, they do offer a wide variety of accessories for almost anything you may own in phone and tablet form, not to mention great delivery times as well as customer services. Of course, you can hear us ramble about it, or just go check them out at www.mobilefun.co.uk

While we don’t often comment on ads, we particularly like the simple geek chic graphics employed by them. Simplicity is definitely a win when it comes to adverts, though it obviously doesn’t work for everyone!

This does make us wonder… what are your opinions about other ads and marketing options used by various companies? Do they encourage you to use them, or put you off? I suppose Apple and Samsung are the highlights these days, though many others are not far behind.



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