Review: HMDX Jam Classic Bluetooth Speaker

I had been looking for a speaker for my holiday and came across the ‘HMDX Jam Classic’ bluetooth speaker while walking through an electronics store. I wanted a compact but powerful speaker that didn’t require masses of leads or batteries to operate. The Jam speaker ticks all of these boxes.  It also had to be robust, as it would be traveling in a suitcase.


There are many colours available for the Jam speaker and I chose blue. I hadn’t really thought of the name until I got it home and looked at the packaging, it comes in a jar – (jam-jar), made me smile a little.

When I picked it up I did think this is a little on the heavy side, but it does feel a quality speaker.

In the ‘Jar’ you get the speaker, instruction leaflet, UK- 2 year guarantee, USB to Micro USB cord and an Auxiliary Line-In Jack.


The HMDX Jam Classic can be used for smartphones, tablets, notebook computers and other Bluetooth enabled devices. You should be able to get four hours continuous sound from a full charge and has a 30ft range.

The instructions say you need to give the ‘Jam’ speaker a good three hours charge through the USB cord. When I opened it the speaker had enough charge for me to have a play. Setting up the speaker is a fairly straight forward process. You turn on the speaker (a little light should flash) and pair your device through Bluetooth, selecting ‘Jam Classic’ from the list. You can also use the Line-In Jack cord to listen to your music, connecting it to your headphone or Line-Out Jack socket.


Once connected you can control the volume from the unit and the device but the unit controls the upper level. You are then ready to go!

The sound quality is surprising; it is much better than expected and goes much louder than I thought it would.


I am very pleased with the quality and sound of this little speaker!

You can find them for about £30 and they now come in many colours. Check out the Jam website here.

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