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Cooler Master Announce the Yen Folio


Cooler Master have launched a new series of covers for the iPad and the iPad mini. Not only do they work as stands, but also as covers, hence providing double the protection. The name comes from the origami abilities of the Japanese currency Yen, where it can be folded in different ways to provide different viewing angles. As a normal stand, it acts as a smart cover, with automatically forcing sleep mode when the cover is closed, and awake mode, when it is open.

It will be available from June and will retail for €34.99 for the iPad, and €29.99 for the iPad Mini.


Read the full press release below:

Venlo, the Netherlands May 22nd, 2013 – Cooler Master launches the Yen Folio today, which is our newest addition to the Folio family. Our Folios provide full protection and a stand function to tablets.

Yen Folio

The Yen Folio thanks its name to its design. In contrary to most other folios on the market, who can only roll up into a triangular shape, our new Yen Folio allows users to fold it in four different ways. These folding edges have the look of the Japanese currency; the Yen.

Carry safely and in style

With its smart cover, which wakes up your tablet on opening and putting it back to sleep when closing, and back cover, the Yen Folio fully protects your tablet. With cut-outs on all the essential places the Yen Folio also protects without interfering the everyday use of the tablet as it prevents making concessions.

The Yen Folio is available for both the iPad mini and the iPad 2nd,3rd and 4th generation. It has a carbon texture finish which increases the sophisticated look of the Yen Folio and allows anyone to strut with it in public. To ensure that the Yen Folio complements to different styles we made it available in five different colours:

* Midnight Black

* Sky Blue

* Silver White

* Golden Bronze

* Charcoal Gray

The recommended MSRP of the Yen Folio for the iPad is €34,99 and for the iPad mini €29,99. It will be available in June 2013. This release applies only to Europe. Please consult your local Cooler Master Representative for more information. Product link: http://www.coolermaster-mobile.com/ipad/yen-folio

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