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Review: Breffo Spiderpodium

By Sami Mughal


Named after a much feared and hated animal, we have an 8 legged creature that packs in quirky abilities.

You have my attention, but what is it?

It is a holder designed for smart phones and devices of similar format (such as cameras, music players, etc.) where the middle provides support and the other 8 legs can be used to both hold the device and use the other legs as a stand, or a support.

What is so special about it?

One thing, it is built and designed in the UK, and we love that.

Patented design, matt finish and the repositioning legs work quite well. We twisted it and turned it and put it under a lot of stress, and it shows no sign of wear and tear.

What can I do with it?

Hold things up. Hang them. Wrap some legs around a bar/tube (like a bike) and hold your smart phone or camera in it. Use it to put your phone on your desk, while on the move, in the car. Use it to put your sat nav or mobile in your car. Watch movies on your phone with this.

Can I use it as a toy?

I did. It makes a great spider. You can also use it as a stress reliever.

So, where do I get this?

This can be found online and at various retailers. It can also be found on Breffo’s own website at the following link:


It retails for £14.95


As far as quirky gadgets go, this is quite useful.

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