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Review: Testing a P2i Ion-Mask Treated K-Swiss California

By Sami Mughal

Readers may be aware that I have a keen interest in liquid repellent technology that is being used all over the world to protect various electronic devices from water and liquids in the form of rain, splashes, spills and the like. This time I have been sent a very interesting set of K-Swiss California running shoes from P2i, where one of them has been treated by P2i’s ion-mask technology, while the other has been left untreated.
Ion-mask, as the name implies, is a nano-particle layer that has been applied on to the treated material on a molecular level. That means that the applied layer not only protects from liquid, and repels it, but also provides a durable and breathable layer on top of the material. Since it has been applied on a molecular level, it is also lightweight and environmentally friendly.
More information on the ion-mask technology can be found here:
Based on the advantages that the ion-mask technology provides, K-Swiss have formed a partnership with P2i in the last year, whereby two of their product lines – Kwicky Blade Light and California – are treated with the ion-mask layer. The two pairs have a lot of brilliant reviews on various shoe blogs and magazines such as: http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/gear/gear-pick-of-the-week-k-swiss-mens-kwicky-blade-light/8153.html and more information about the K-Swiss partnership can be found here:
Anyway, so I had the two shoes on my feet, and I had a rainy day to test them out. I walked around in puddles, and I even managed to splash my own self as I did so. I had some socks on, and I had a 5 mile walk in the rain to do, so that provided me with a thorough test of the shoes.
As I was walking through, I could slowly start to feel that the left (untreated) foot was beginning to feel a bit wet, and a bit uncomfortable. The right side, however, was still perfect and still comfortable. As I finally got to the end of my journey, I managed to take a picture of the two shoes together.
As can be seen, the left shoe is absolutely soaked (as were my socks inside) and the right shoe is looking brand new, clean and shows a few droplets.
I also tried to record a video, of the same shoe, under some running water:
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Testing P2i Ion-Mask Treated K-Swiss trainers. One is treated, one is not.
Here is another picture after I have had the same shoe under some running water.
Once again, as can be seen, the shoe looks clean, brand new, and only seems to have a few droplets sitting on top of it. Everything else just flew off.
So yeah, as can be seen, not only is the shoe being protected from liquid, despite having been out in the rain and mud, this shoe looks brand new. As a result, not only is your product being protected from rain, mud and other degrading materials, but it also enhances the life of the product.
I am obviously sold on the technology, and I can’t wait till this technology is applied to everyday things. I am sure everything from the glasses I wear everyday to the gadgets I only use on holiday can and will benefit from this technology. Thanks to this technology, the future looks clean, brand-new and definitely shiny!

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