Review: Power Jacket Case for HTC ONE X

By Sami Mughal Ever since the advent of smart phones, battery life of the phone has become one of the biggest factors everybody complains about, but you never hear a manufacturer boast about. Yeah, they all take 10-20% more battery life, or a newer software update which promises less power consumption, but all in all, … Read more

5 Epic DIY Electronic Gifts for Him

  Man is a vast enigma of thoughts and actions. Yours mostly sits on the computer pressing a plastic mouse, vicariously living a fantasy life through the motions of a video game character. But, he’s all yours; and, you need to get him a present. You know a few things. He showers every other day … Read more

Review: Testing a P2i Ion-Mask Treated K-Swiss California

By Sami Mughal Readers may be aware that I have a keen interest in liquid repellent technology that is being used all over the world to protect various electronic devices from water and liquids in the form of rain, splashes, spills and the like. This time I have been sent a very interesting set of … Read more