Review: Wool and the Gang

This is one for those who like knitting, and those who like to be stay warm in the cold winter months. It being cold and with the holidays season running on a high, I came across Wool and the gang (, where you can buy needles, yarn, wool, knitting kits, and of course, they also … Read more

Communicating between Arduino boards using I2C, Bus Extenders, and Isolation Widgets Requirement: To communicate between two Arduino Mega boards, about 7 meters apart, sending 6 bytes of data, and receiving 2 bytes of data back from the other board, keeping the supplies and grounds for both the supplies separate. Procedure: The first thing to do was to establish an I2C between two Arduino boards. … Read more


British people care about the weather more than they care about anything else in the world. It is a stereotype, but it is not very far from the truth. Which is what makes such a success! It is a website that just scans Twitter, and based on what people are tweeting about the snow, … Read more

Video showing light travelling

By Sami Mughal Now while today was the day CERN gave a much anticipated statement about their progress with the discovery of Higgs Boson, this video of two MIT dudes showing speed of light videoed excites me a lot more. Here are a couple of other links in case the video does not work: … Read more

CERN statement about Higgs Boson (13/12/11) explained:

So yesterday, we were pretty sure Higgs Bosons exist. Now are almost pretty sure they exist. In terms of numbers… we were at 90% that they exist, now we have a 92%. While this may seem all a bit sarcastic, this is how physics moves forward, and the Higgs Boson still promises to be the … Read more

Excerpt from the blog being published!

A German company called Cornelsen Verlag, who appear to be one of the major educational publishers in Germany, have just written to me. They are working in co-operation with a Russian publisher, producing a series of school books for Russian students, teaching them English as a foreign language. They want to use an excerpt from … Read more