Review: Philips SDC5100 Notebook Cushion with built in speaker

By Sami Mughal Philips have been very clever in putting a speaker inside a notebook cushion. Even better, they have actually done a good job at combining both those things. The SDC5100 functions as both, a very comfortable notebook cushion as well as a pretty decent speaker. The quality of the build is very good. … Read more

500 miles off a single tank of fuel (40 litres!)

So pleased am I at achieving this feat, that I am actually blogging it! I logged 500 miles to a single fuel tank yesterday, which is 40 litres of PETROL. And in case you are wondering, I drive a Hyundai i20. I do drive carefully, but I do not drive like an old lady!  

Significant day for science!

I said funny. I meant significant. Or could be significant. Who knows! But I changed the title anyway! But here are the three headlines that are rocking the scientific world right now: – Particles exceed speed of light. Most of you know already, but if you don’t, most of modern day physics is based … Read more

The Periodic Table in RAP

Well here is one for all you Chemistry teachers and students out there… listen to this, memorise this, and go conquer the world of elements!!!!

Get rid of all that change!

This one applies mostly to British people, but it may work in other countries as well. If you are like me, you most probably hate carrying the 5kg of change in copper we end up accumulating in our wallets/purses. You most probably also hate the self-checkouts at most of the leading stores these days. I … Read more

Solution for the rioters!

Well, I know everyone has their answers. Everybody has a solution. But I thought I’d throw in my 2p’s worth as well. I propose that everyone who has been caught doing the misdeeds be forced to go to college, and get some diploma. Give them a stipend based purely on the results, and make them … Read more