Significant day for science!

I said funny. I meant significant. Or could be significant. Who knows! But I changed the title anyway!

But here are the three headlines that are rocking the scientific world right now: – Particles exceed speed of light. Most of you know already, but if you don’t, most of modern day physics is based on Einstein’s Relativity Principle which says that speed of light CANNOT be exceeded. CERN is still looking in to the matter, but it is also asking others to help them verify the results, mainly because it is such a big matter! This could mean that theoretically, those particles can time travel, as that is what happens when something exceeds speed of light. They can, however, only go in to the future, and not the past. And that if they travel faster than speed of light their mass exceeds infinity. I am not a particle physicist, but this result excites me quite a lot, as it could open a new pandora’s box of possibilities in the world of science and technology. Who knows, we may be travelling in time soon! – The UARS is about to re-enter and fall on your head. Or somebody else’s head. Or in the sea. Nobody knows, YET. It is the size of a bus, and has less chance of hitting you than a bus has. There, I said it! – And to me this is the big one. Well, second big one. I am not sure how true this is and how accurate this is, but I have heard it on the news already, so I imagine it is. But if this is actually true, this could be quite something. Possibilities are endless! One could use the brain to simply control devices, give inputs, commands, and people with disabilities could just hack into technology like never before!

Are we about to hit a new era of gizmos and gadgets and technology? Are we on the brink of time travel and mind reading/controlling devices? I feel excited! Are you?

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  1. Excited is a small word. When I read about that CERN has unconfirmed results about a particle a travel may have travel faster then light I was like Shit. means in quantum physics we know the significance of special theory of relativity though for some it is just E=mc2 but we know that the main point was the speed of light is constant. but who knows that this theory will not see another century. I am still waiting anxiously for the results. by the way time travel in the past according to it is also possible but not the way we use to discuss in UET days 😉


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