Philips announce the Fidelio E2 – Bluetooth Speakers to go with any decor

  Philips have announced the Fidelio E2, a compact sleek and beautifully designed hi-fi wireless speaker system to give a boost to the sound from your TV, PC, mobile devices, or game consoles. It features two charcoal grey cloth and real wood pillars, which means they go with any decor. The speakers feature Bluetooth connectivity, … Read more

Review: Swann Advanced Security System

As avid readers of OxGadgets I am sure you, like us, have an extensive and ever-growing wish list of gadgets to fill your home. Well, have you ever considered how you are going to keep all that expensive tech safe? We have often posed this questions to ourselves, and so have decided to bring you … Read more

Review: Heston Blumenthal Precision Range

    There are quite a few items in Heston Blumenthal’s Precision range, and we cannot possible cover them all in a single article, but we had a look at the following items: Heston Blumenthal Precision Multipurpose Spatulas   These interesting spatulas from Blumenthal can be used for a variety of purposes. In fact, apart … Read more

Gadget Show Live compile the list of best gadgets over the last 100 years!

  Consider the zip. Probably one of the most useful inventions ever, and it holds together everything from our modesty on clothes, to our valuables in bags, to stuffings inside mattresses and beddings. It has been a 100 years since this remarkable piece of simple engineering was launched, and it is still going strong. The … Read more

Review: iRobot Roomba series

With the rapid advances we are experiencing in robotics and artificial intelligence and the like, it surely won’t be long before the “Robopocalypse” comes when machines and robots rise up against us and condemn us all to a life of servitude. I, for one, would like to say at this point that I will welcome … Read more