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There are quite a few items in Heston Blumenthal’s Precision range, and we cannot possible cover them all in a single article, but we had a look at the following items:

Heston Blumenthal Precision Multipurpose Spatulas
Blumenthal Spatula


These interesting spatulas from Blumenthal can be used for a variety of purposes. In fact, apart from being a spoon that can handle liquids, these can be used for all forms of cooking.

The best part about them is that they have interesting shapes and corners to them, meaning that you can reach all parts of your bowl. Probably not a great thing as it doesn’t leave much for your kids to lick, but we all want most of that mix to go into the cake, don’t we!

The material is heat proof to 250 degrees, meaning that this can be used in all environments, and since they are non-stick safe, you can use it on your frying pan as well.

They are also dishwasher safe, meaning you don’t have to worry about cleaning them. Pretty handy, and pretty clever!

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Heston Blumenthal Precision Adjustable Measuring Spoons

Blumenthal Spoons


These clever spoons let you put items into your spoon, and then the unique leveller slides to remove any excess. This ensures a level and accurate measure.

The spoons feel sturdy, have a lovely finish, and are extremely easy to use. They also nest together for storage.

While they can measure both liquids as well as dry ingredients, they do not work on oils. This is probably to avoid the oil sneaking into the sliding mechanism of the spoons.

Another aspect is that they are hand wash only, so you need to give them some due care!

As a person who often plays with spices, I found these very handy.

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Heston Blumenthal Precision Professional Whisk

Blumenthal whisk


What makes a whisk professional? Quite a few things actually. The first thing is the weight. Most whisks available on the market are quite light, and using them to do a lot actually ends up tiring your wrist. A good sturdy grip also help. This means that you can use these for different items.

For example, I actually used these a few times to make lassee, where you have to whip up the yoghurt to get it all liquidy! #

An extra element is that these have a large (7.5cm) diameter, meaning whatever you whisk gets plenty of air. Your omelettes and pancakes get that lovely froth, meaning they are properly mixed and easy to flow.

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Heston Blumenthal Precision Adjustable Rolling Pin

Blumenthal rolling pin


This is a very interesting one. If you ever want to have your pastries an exact depth (or width), this is the tool for you. You can adjust your rolling to three thicknesses: 3mm, 5mm, or 8mm.

It also includes width guides from 5 – 30cm.

The best part is that it is extremely easy to assemble and disassemble the product, leaving no mess at all. It is hand wash only, but it is beautifully built and does not get very sticky.

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