Future of Home and Factory Automation

There is no doubt that automation has played a big part in producing high quality items for us through out the years. The consumer industry has specially benefitted, where automation of processes has seen everything from complicated assembly procedures to simple things like screwing the cap on your tooth paste tube (full marks if you … Read more

Review: Edifier Prisma Encore (e3360BT)

  Speakers, despite all the joy they bring in the form of music, are often dull looking devices. Often packaged in big square boxes, they stick to basic shapes, and what has worked over the years. Being safe, and sticking to the physics of sound has probably governed this over the year. Edifier, though, have … Read more

Build a raised garden bed

Wickes loved us featuring their instructions to build a fire pit, so they have just sent us some more instructions, this time on how to build a raised garden bed. While the instructions cover all the basics, you get more in the video at the end of this article. Of course, you can watch all … Read more

High-Tech Home: The Latest Gadgets to Help You Care for Your Home

With many innovations over the last decade, household gadgets have become much simpler and easier to use while offering more customization and personalization than ever before. According to a study by iNetworks, 50 percent of consumers plan on purchasing an advanced home technology product within the next year, and it’s estimated that the home technology … Read more

Review: Samsung SmartCam HD (SNH-E6411BN) – a feature filled smart home camera

  The Smart Home is here and now, and security is probably one of the best applications of it. Security cameras have been in use for decades, and have provided lots of useful information. The Samsung SmartCam HD is much more than your average security camera. With the ability to watch video in HD, motion … Read more

Review: Vax Floormate Cordless

  What is it? Vacuum cleaners are great, everyone has one a home, and they work great on carpets. However, what do you do if you have wooden flooring at home? Vacuum cleaners don’t really work very well on wooden floors, and mopping is quite frankly a difficult one to do if you have to … Read more

Review: IKEA SKOGHALL Floor decking

This is a different kind of review to normal, but since it comes from personal experience, and since when I was looking for a review I couldn’t find one, I thought I might as well write my own, now that I am done with these. So, what are floor decking tiles? They are basically tiles … Read more

Review: Pure Evoke D4 Mio with Bluetooth

The Pure Evoke series have already established themselves as a great range of DAB radios. This hasn’t stopped Pure from constantly innovating, and their latest offering in the Evoke series is the Evoke D4 Mio with Bluetooth, featuring leather effect casing with interchangeable coloured trims. It also includes a remote control to select radio stations, … Read more