Edifier WH950NB Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Here at OxGadgets, we love Edifier products. From speakers to headphones to headsets, we have tried them all, and we have loved them all. Our latest review covers the Edifier WH950NB Hybrid Active Noice Cancelling Headphones. They offer premium quality sound, great active noise cancelling and sit rather comfortably on our heads.

Edifier WH950NB – Features

  • Active Noise Cancellation + Ambient Sound Mode
  • LDAC codec with Hi-Res Audio & Hi-Res Wireless certification
  • Advanced 4-Mic ENC for the best voice clarity
  • Personalize EQ and select various music modes in Edifier Connect APP
  • Supports Google Fast Pair for Android users
  • 1.5 hours fully charged for at least 34 hours playtime(ANC ON) / 55hrs(ANC OFF)
  • Fast charging: 7hrs playback in just 10mins
  • 40mm dynamic driver
  • Double protection for safe hearing: Volume <85dB and a cut-off timer Foldable and lightweight design. Ideal for daily use, conference meeting and travel

Look and feel

The headphones come with a premium case that has a handy pocket to contain all the cables and accessories. Included accessories include a USB C charging cable, a 3.5mm cable (for when you want it to be just a wired headphone), as well as airplane adapter.

The case gives it a really nice touch.

The headphones themselves feel premium, smooth to touch and very elegantly designed. The one we reviewed is ivory, which is quite nice and beautiful.

Both the earpieces as well as the connecting bit between them is cushioned to make it a comfortable experience. The size is also adjustable so you can fit most adult heads.

On one side, you have buttons that let you adjust mode, turn it on/off, go to pairing mode, as well as adjust volume.

One can also notice microphone holes as well.


The setup is rather simple. First time users just turn it on to see it go into pairing mode. With that, you can connect it to any device that has Bluetooth. Since I use it at work, it is primarily connected to my work laptop.

The M button lets you choose the kind of sound cancelling want, either high or low, or turn it off, or go into ambient mode.


The usage is pretty simple and easy. Just turn it on and you’re good to go.

Sound Quality

As expected, the sound quality is quite nice and smooth. There is a certain warmth to the sound, which is how I like it. A good fit around the ears as well as the noise cancellation also help making the sound a lot crisper and nicer than the usual.

All sorts of songs from rock and pop to classical were tried, and they did not disappoint.

Noise Cancelling

Now this was the real test. I work in a fairly noisy office environment, so I needed something that was going to make a big difference. As before, these didn’t disappoint. I was pleased to notice that they cut out noise quite well, and sometimes I find me wearing them even if there is no call or audio to listen to. Just nice calm!


As mentioned, calls were my main purpose for getting these. They have done quite well. While noise cancelling was a feature I was after, I also wanted to make sure that the microphones didn’t pick up the background noise. They have performed well on this front too, and despite being in a noisy office, I don’t need to constantly be on mute to avoid others being echoed through my set.

More information

More information on the Edifier WH950NB Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones can be found on their website.

It normally retails at £179.99, but is currently running a deal with £20 off on Amazon. It comes in black and ivory.

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