STM ChargeTree Go – Portable Wireless Charger

STM are a great accessory maker for mobile devices. Be it bags, protection or simply charging accessories, they cover it all. We previously looked at their ChargeTree Swing product, which lets you charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods, all wirelessly, off the same device and same output, making charging incredibly easy. The ChargeTree Go … Read more

Edifier WH950NB Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Here at OxGadgets, we love Edifier products. From speakers to headphones to headsets, we have tried them all, and we have loved them all. Our latest review covers the Edifier WH950NB Hybrid Active Noice Cancelling Headphones. They offer premium quality sound, great active noise cancelling and sit rather comfortably on our heads. Edifier WH950NB – … Read more

Tips for Advancing Your Career as a Single Parent

mom, mum, 2020, apps, business

Being a single parent can be challenging and exhausting, but it doesn’t mean your career should be put on hold. You can continue advancing your career while managing childcare to provide for your family and your personal advancement. This article will provide tips for single parents looking to enhance their career prospects. Keep reading to … Read more

3 Reasons to Buy a Motorcycle This Year

Summer is right around the corner – why not buy a motorcycle and make the most of the warm weather months? Are you looking for a cool (but functional) new way to get around this summer? Are you looking to add a bit of adventure to your life? If so, buying a motorcycle could be … Read more

5 Steps to a Successful Bathroom Renovation

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Are you tired of your outdated and tired-looking bathroom? Ready to transform it into a modern oasis with a stylish and inviting atmosphere? You’re not alone. Bathrooms are easily the most unkempt and outdated rooms in any home, however, the thought of making the necessary changes can be intimidating to many homeowners. While it is … Read more