Review: Switchbot Pan Tilt Cam

Switchbot have a great array of IOT products, which go from simple things like temperature monitors and curtain opening robots, all the way to items that turn switches on and off. The Switchbot Pan Tilt Cam is one of their latest offerings in the world of IoT offerings, including great features like motion tracking. Switchbot … Read more

There are 29 pairs of Steve Wozniak’s Apple sunglasses somewhere in the world

When most people talk about ‘Apple specs,’ they’re thinking hardware, processors, that kind of thing. Me, I’m thinking of these GLORIOUSLY wacky rainbow Apple sunglasses commissioned by Steve Wozniak: Sold on RRAuction, they had an opening bid of just $200 and an estimate of “$1000+”. Unsurprisingly, it turned out the + was doing quite a bit … Read more