STM ChargeTree Swing – Multi Device Charging Station

With the increased number of devices embracing the world, the need to neaten up charging solutions is getting bigger and bigger. Annoucing the STM ChargeTree Swing multi-device charging station, STM is looking to achieve exactly that. With a single device able to charge your iPhone (8 and onwards), AirPods (and AirPods Pro) and Apple Watch, you have everything you need from a single device.

STM ChargeTree Swing – Features

  • Charges three devices at once: Apple iPhone (8 and above), Airpods/AirPods Pro and Apple Watch
  • Slim design
  • Charges via a USB C to USB C cable (included)
  • LEDs to give information
  • Dimensions: 7.6 x 14.6 x 12 cm / 2.98 x 5.76 x 4.72 in
  • Power in: 9V/2A or 12V/2A
  • Power out: Apple Watch: MAX 3W, iPhone: MAX 15W (Most phones MAX 7.5W), AirPods: MAX 5W

Does not include a plug-in charger

While this is a charging solution, it must be noted that it does not include a wall plug-in charger. I have found a lot of reviews that mention this, so I am coming out with it straight away.

Needs some juice to run

Similarly, it does need enough power to run. This means that if you were expecting it to run off of a USB C port on your computer or MacBook, you might struggle. In fact, my MacBook Pro (2018) disables the power to this automatically due to the power consumption.

However, if you plug it into a powerful enough device, you have it happily running.

As per specs above, it needs 2A at 9V or 12V, while most PCs or MacBooks will give you 5V.

Also to be noted is the fact that it promises a maximum power out of 23W, so you need to put in at least that!

Luckily, most USB C chargers offers something in that area, so you should be good.

Charging performance

Now that we have got the boring but essential aspects of this out of the way, we can look at how well it performs as a charging device. The fun part is that it remains boring, ie it just works. The LEDs tell you that it is alive, and that’s about it. Obviously, expect wireless charging speeds from this device.

Overall, it works well, and that’s all there is to say.

More information

More information on the STM ChargeTree Swing Multi Device Charging Station can be found on the STM website.

You can buy this directly from their website, or on alternatives like Amazon.

The website mentions it being around $80, while the price on UK Amazon is at £45 at the time of writing.

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