Nanoleaf Thread – It’s the Smart in Your Smart Home

Nanoleaf is already a known name in the industry for building smart lighting solutions, but now they have also come up with the solution to lagging and delays in smart appliances communication. Nanoleaf has announced the launch of its own Thread Border Routers via Nanoleaf Shapes and Elements controllers.

Nanoleaf has partnered with Amazon-owned eero to broaden the ecosystem. Their mesh-wifi routers are launching as Thread Border Routers. The eero Pro, eero Beacon, eero Pro 6, and eero 6 are said to be the first line of compatible products to be working as border routers with the Nanoleaf Essentials Line. Furthermore, Nanoleaf and eero have joined Apple and Google as part of their first wave of companies to bring Thread Border Routers to the market. This will open them to Thread-based smart home devices, paving way for the new network protocol to bring faster speeds and greater reliability. No more delays in communication between the smart home devices.

Nanoleaf is actively working with the Thread Group to expand and build an interoperable system that will create a unified smart home experience. The Thread Border Router function is built into the Nanoleaf Shapes and Elements Controllers, and the eero mesh-wifis that eliminated the need of more routers as it directly connects all the thread devices via wifi creating a thread network where all devices can communicate effectively without any delays or issues.

The existing smart Shapes or Elements Controller users will be able to use the Thread immediately with just a software update. The software can be updated or the latest version can be installed from the Nanoleaf App.

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