huawei standalone monitor

Huawei announces HUAWEI MateView, the first Huawei flagship standalone monitor

Huawei Consumer Business Group (BG) announced the launch of HUAWEI MateView, the first flagship standalone monitor from the company. Carrying the “Mate” moniker, the all-new monitor embodies Huawei’s spirit of innovation, and with its launch, Huawei breaks into a new market, bringing the same fervour for pushing the envelope as it did with its smartphone business. As a beautifully minimalist Wireless Real Colour Monitor that supports a wide range of smart features, HUAWEI MateView is set to redefine the category for the next generation of smart monitors. 

huawei standalone monitor

Large 4K+ Ultra-HD monitor that faithfully reproduces real-to-life colours

HUAWEI MateView is a pro-grade standalone monitor featuring a 28.2-inch 3:2 panel that supports a native resolution of 3840 × 2560, delivering a premium viewing experience where even the most minute detail is faithfully reproduced on screen. Each monitor is also professionally calibrated in the factory to accurately produce colours, achieving a colour accuracy rating of ΔE <1 in sRGB mode and ΔE <2 in DCI-P3 mode. HUAWEI MateView is VESA DisplayHDR™ 400 certified, meaning that users will have no problem discerning details hidden in darker areas on a displayed image. Users will love the incredible breadth of colours on display, with HUAWEI MateView supporting 98 percent of the DCI-P3 colour gamut and 100 percent of the sRGB colour gamut.

Wired and wireless connectivity options offering maximum flexibility

Leveraging Huawei’s telecommunications expertise, HUAWEI MateView not only supports cable connections, but also lets users connect their mobile phone, notebook and tablet to the monitor wirelessly. HUAWEI MateView not only supports smartphone OneHop Projection, but it also allows users to initiate Desktop Mode wirelessly. With this mode, users can fully harness the computing power of their smartphones and enjoy the ultimate productivity experience on the large screen.

Minimalist aesthetics that accents any decor

Inspired by the compositions of renowned painter Wassily Kandinsky and the concept of Futurism, HUAWEI MateView abandons the bulky back plates seen on traditional monitors, and instead features a geometric design and introduces an innovative magnetic back panel for a minimalist look that is brimming with subtle details. In the front, HUAWEI MateView offers a 94 percent screen-to-body ratio to provide users with a highly immersive viewing experience.

Unique HUAWEI Smart Bar delivers a new UI control experience

Unlike traditional monitors that come with an unintuitive on-screen display (OSD) settings menu, HUAWEI MateView introduces a cleverly hidden HUAWEI Smart Bar that offers a user-friendly touch interface for users to easily adjust various display settings, such as input source and volume. 

Dual-speaker and dual-microphone sound system

Two high-powered front-firing speakers are embedded into the stand, delivering specular sounds while minimising any quality loss from reflection.

Also integrated into the stand are two microphones, supporting built-in noise reduction algorithms and sound pickup from sources that are up to four metres away. With HUAWEI MateView, users can make sure that they are always heard on a call – whether they’re calling from home or the office.

The HUAWEI MateView (RRP £599) will launch in the UK in the coming months and be available on the Huawei Store and selected retailers. Further details will be shared at a later date.

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