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MOMAN EM1 USB MIC and RF30 Microphone Isolation Shield

Before the pandemic, microphones were pretty much a built-in device that was part of your computer or laptop, and nobody really bothered with them apart from the occasional video call. As the pandemic came, we started to realise the flaws in our ways, and started to get headsets to sort this out. While most headsets offer a decent pair of headphones, microphones still tend to struggle. Ask any podcaster or voice over artist, and they’ll tell you the importance of a decent microphone. Obviously, the market is full of reasonably expensive devices. MOMAN is a relatively new name among USB Microphones, but they promise to give you a good performance and device at a pretty low price. In this review, not only are we looking at the MOMAN EM1 USB Microphone, but also at their accessory, the MOMAN RF30 Reflection Filter.

Moman EM1 USB Microphone – Features

  • Plus and Play USB Microphone, comes with both a standard USB as well as a USB C cable.
  • Large Diaphragm boasts high sensitivity (-45dB + 3dB), giving a well-rounded voice.
  • Supports PC/Macs and even smartphones.
  • Built in gain control and mute button.
  • Real time monitoring with a 3.5mm monitoring jack.
  • Shockproof mic holder and wind muffler included
  • Cardoid Polar pattern focuses on sound right in front of the microphone.

In the box

MOMAN EM1 – In the box
  • EM1 Microphone
  • Wind Muffler
  • USB Cable for regular USB socket, and one for USB C
  • Shockproof Mic holder
  • Documentation

Look and feel

The MOMAN EM1 is a pretty light microphone, making it easy to travel with you. Designed in the traditional cylindrical pattern of most microphones, it has the Gain Control Knob, Mute Button and 3.5mm socket on the front, the microphone at the top, and the USB port at the bottom. Interestingly, the USB port is the same as you will find on a computer – meaning that if you did lose the cable, you might struggle to find another one in your drawer. I am sure MOMAN had a good reason for choosing this connector instead of something more conventional like Micro USB or USB-C.

It fits well with the stand, and the wind muffler slides on and off easily, but stays there when you want it to.

An LED lets you know if the microphone is active (green) or muted (red).

Ease of use

This doesn’t get any easier than it already is. Just plug it in using one of the cables provided, and choose it as an input device. No further setup is required. All you need to do is ensure that you are not muted and have the gain set as required.

Sound quality

When it comes to sound quality, this is trying to compete with the big boys, and does quite well. Even a MacBook Pro laptop microphone doesn’t come in the same league. The instant you plug this in, you’ll notice the lack of background hiss and noise. The microphone is configured to be very directional, which means that it mostly only picks up any sounds that are directed at it, rather than in the background. Moreover, gain control lets you fine tune this, as well as the wind muffler to cut more background noise out.

Spoken tests capture my sound quite well, and with great clarity. A very easy choice for anything like a podcast or a voice over artist, with very little spend.

MOMAN RF30 Microphone Isolation Shield

The RF30 Isolation Shield helps you take things up a notch by providing a 3 layer filter. Features include:

  • Featured with Absorbing Cotton Insulation
  • 3-Layer Noise Suppression
  • Adjustable & Foldable Design
  • 3/8” to 5/8” Adapter
  • High Quality EVA & ABS

The setup is incredibly simple, you simply open it up, and connect your microphone with the attachments included. You can plug in a MOMAN microphone, and I have also tried it with a Blue Yeti X, so it is fairly versatile.

An audiophile will probably be better at using this than me, but a bit of adjustment, and ensuring that the back faces any noise source will help you get rid of most of the background noise while you get on with work. While this will not replace any studio, it will allow you to have a reasonably portable and easy isolation shield that you can set up in your home office, or indeed your bedroom or kitchen!

At the very low price it costs, this is a very simple and easy to use addition to your recording setup.

More information

More information on the MOMAN EM1 and the RF30 are both available on the MOMAN website.

They can be bought from various online retailers, including Amazon. The MOMAN EM1 retails for around £45.99, while the MOMAN RF30 retails for £45.99 too.

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2 thoughts on “MOMAN EM1 USB MIC and RF30 Microphone Isolation Shield

  1. Dank des EM1 bin ich auf eine Art eigene Schwerhörigkeit gestoßen.
    Alle Aufnahmeversuche mit Laptop (ASUS) waren kaum zu hören.
    Erst wenn alle Aufnahme und Wiedergaberegler auf Anschlag aufgedreht sind ist etwas zu hören.
    Mit dem Ausfiltern von Hintergrundgeräuschen kann unter diesen Umständen natürlich leicht werben, wenn auch die gewollte Aufnahme (Sprache) kaum zu hören ist.
    Informieren Sie mich bitte wenn Sie einen eklatanten Fehler meinerseits vermuten.
    Ansonsten geht das Gerät zurück.
    M. frdl. Grüßen
    R. Karl

    1. Hi,

      I am not sure how good your English is, but since you’re commenting on an English site, hopefully you understand my response.

      Generally speaking I found it to be not as sensitive as my laptop mic, but if I spoke close enough to it, it picked up my voice perfectly, and I did not have to speak loudly. If you’re having this problem even with the 3.5mm slot, then I am afraid your device might be broken and you’re better off sending it back.

      If the problem is mostly from your laptop, it might be worth checking recording settings, as well as privacy, because I did notice that Windows has a very strict policy around microphones and often they don’t work because of that.

      Hope this was helpful. Many thanks for visiting the website.

      Best regards,

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