TCL unveils for the UK its newest Domestic Appliance products and its TCL Home Application

TCL Electronics, one of the dominant players in the global TV industry and a leading consumer electronics company, has introduced today on top of its new TV models and soundbars, its latest domestic appliances under its forward-looking AI x IoT strategy.


The RP470CXE0 guarantees food preservation thanks to an inverter compressor which operates linearly and continuously adjusts its speed according to temperature variations, and ensures a better temperature stability, and, thanks to a cold air distribution, evenly at each level of food storage.

tcl refrigerator

The RP318BXE0 also includes an inverter compressor, power cool function and multi air flow for food preservation, but also homogeneous and frost-free cooling to avoid the defrosting chore. It also comes with a digital display on the front panel. Convenient to use, it allows precise temperature adjustment for each compartment, direct access to optional functions without opening the doors, and displays alarms when needed. In terms of design, once again TCL has opted for a matt stainless-steel finish. 

RP503SXE0, just like the two previous models, it combines an invertor compressor, and TCL’s “total no frost” functions, making the temperature more uniform in the refrigerator. This model also includes innovative temperature sensors placed on both sides of the fridge to measure the temperature of each zone and a smart mode making the refrigerator capable of speeding up the refrigeration after opening the doors for a long time. 

Washing Machines

To make consumers’ life healthy and easier at home, the TCL P Series washing machines focus on 3 pillars: caring about clothes; efficient tech for a better home comfort, and design and convenience.

tcl washing machines

Therefore, TCL’s washing machines have interesting and innovative specifications like a longer lasting and reliable inverter motor, a super-efficient spin that removes more water to minimise drying time and a Powerful Spray Wash to clean your clothes with a more hygienic wash style. With the Auto dosing function, the P Series can perceive the weight and material of the clothing, and automatically dose the required amount of water and detergent.

Air Conditioners & Portable AC


TCL’s Ocarina Air Conditioner brings a whole new experience and makes cleaning easier than ever while keeping air fresh. Ocarina is a promise for consumers to benefit from both “smart air and soft care” thanks to its IoT connection and its Gentle Breeze innovation, soft cooling and deep clean that bring an unprecedented experience. The TCL portable Air conditioner, NZ model, has Low Noise, which is 58dB, a high energy efficiency A++ and comes with an easy-washable Filter.

Air purifiers


This year, TCL will expand its home offering to include a smart air purifier range called breeva A2 which comes with a 4-step purification system that reduces up to 99.97% of microbes.

TCL has included key features like ‘’Duo air quality sensor’’ that combines both an Infrared Dust Sensor to detect the concentration of particulate matter in the surrounding air at real time, and ​a Volatile organic compounds (VOC) sensor​ to detect the concentration of volatile organic compounds in the air.

Robot vacuum cleaner

TCL vaccum cleaners

Last but certainly not least, TCL is happy to announce the launch of a range of powerful, autonomous, connected, and smart robot vacuum cleaners: the Sweeva 1000 and Sweeva 2000.

They provide strong power with up to 1500 pa (Pascal Pressure Unit) of suction power for the Sweeva 2000 and up to 1400 pa for the Sweeva 1000, using four cleaning methods (auto/edge/spot/manual) and a 3-stage suction power adjustment.

TCL Home Application

TCL sees the immense value of adding a smart experience to home comfort products and integrating them into the world of connectivity. Smartphones have given us the ability to stay connected with anyone, anytime, and the growing popularity of IoT and smart home technologies now also lets people control lights, music, and even more.

Thus, TCL’s 2021 Home Comfort categories will feature Wi-Fi connectivity and voice control, but TCL is also very proud to announce that “TCL Home” is on its way, a brand-new app to let users control their home comfort appliances from anywhere.

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