apple spring event

iPads, iMacs, AirTags and iPhones: Apple Spring Event!

The Apple event for spring 2021 just took place and we have seen a number of new and exciting products on the lineup. The highlight of the event is the addition of the M1 chipset to the iPad Pro that was previously powering the 13-inch Macbook Pro. This is an incredible upgrade to the iPad Pro as it means a huge amount of power to stand against the Macbooks. Also, it now has a new screen. 

apple spring event

The iPad 12.9 inch model receives a new mini LED display that uses 10,000 LEDs instead of the 72 on the previous iPad. This is going to make the display experience more immersive and pleasant to the eyes. 

We also got to see the new AirTags which have been in speculations for years. Apple has rightly taken the time to perfect them. You can get one for $29 or four for $99. Apple also offers free engravings on the AirTags. They work great for anyone who tends to forget things here and there. The Tags have replaceable batteries and can be spotted by millions of iPhones and iPads around the globe. 

Apart from the iPad Pro, the new iMac is also host to the exceptionally powered M1 chip. The iMac also gets some upgrades including new colours reminiscent of the retro iMac days. The speakers now sound better as well. The M1 chipset can improve the power of the internal, now Full HD webcam as well, as Apple realises the world needs more Zoom calls.

The A12 chipset from older iPhones has now been made a part of the Apple TV 4K giving it more processing power. It can now process images better and do high framerate HDR. The movies won’t get any better than they already are, however, you will notice an improvement in sports as you can now stream 60 fps Dolby Vision movies that you shot on the iPhone directly with AirPlay. The Siri remote has a better look as well. It is now thicker and the Siri button has been pushed to the side. 

Apple has also introduced the new iPads, iMacs and the iPhone 12 in Purple colours. There are several other exciting colours to choose from for all the new products. 

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