RecovaPro Lite: Size does not matter!

The RecovaPro Lite is an incredible device that offers an impressive maximum of 2800 percussions per minute. For all those suffering from arthritis, this is an amazing product to have at the home as it is extremely compact. However, it has also proven that size does not matter with what it can do. Coming in at just 700 grams, this mini Recovapro model is perfect for use at home or even on-the-go. It costs only £159.00 on the current promotional offer bringing it down from £259.00. It comes in four beautiful colours including: Pure White, Space Grey, Rose Gold, Sky Blue, and Midnight Black. 


Reddot Design Award 2020 Winning Product

The RecovaPro Lite is Compact, Portable and Powerful. It features a light and portable design, making it the perfect companion for travel. You can take it anywhere anytime due to the low 700 grams weight, making it your on-demand 24/7 therapist. 


1 out of 4 middle-aged adults tend to develop arthritis. It is a condition that causes pain and swelling (inflammation) in the joints. There is no cure for these conditions, however, patients have to resort to lifestyle changes to get relief. These mostly include exercises, medicines and physiotherapy or percussion devices. Recovapro Lite has a lower speed of 1500 percussions per minute ( that’s 25 per second ) so you can treat sensitive areas with ease.

What’s Included In The Box

  • ✓ Recovapro Lite
  • ✓ Protective Carrying Case
  • ✓ 4 Attachments
    • ✓ Ball
    • ✓ Fork
    • ✓ Flat
    • ✓ Bullet
  • ✓ Lithium-ion Magnetic Charger
  • ✓ Worldwide Charger Adapter
  • ✓ Soft Leather Charging Mat

Recovapro Lite Specifications

Stall Force: 50 LB

The amount of force needed to stop the motor. In essence, the higher the stall force, the more force you can exert on the motor without it stopping.


180+ minute of use per charge.


The Lite is characterised by a matt Aluminium composite body with chrome-plated surface and an ergonomically shaped handle


0.7 Kg / 1.54 lbs


4 attachments ( flat, ball, bullet, Fork )

Easy Control

Smart touch technology allows the device to be switched OFF at any level by merely holding down the speed button for two seconds.

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