Fly E-Bike – Foldable and portable

A two in one solution for those who want the impressive power of an electric bike and the convenience of a folding bike. The E-Trends Fly e-bike is designed for families who want to maximise storage space and have to commute to work. You can make travelling simple and hassle-free in th city or country due to the incredible design that allows it to be both foldable and portable. You can easily carry it around on public transport and unfold it on the road whenever you may need. 


The folding up process for the electric bike literally takes up seconds. It has simple unlocking mechanisms allowing your Fly to become a neat, discreet bike. Moreover, when it is time to ride it, it only takes moments to get back into a fully functioning, powerful e-bike. Getting to meetings or catching your train on time without breaking into a sweat, with the 250w motor, means you always travel in style. 

It also has an incredible 19 miles range that makes it ideal for commute to work, shops or even for heading out for a ride with friends and family over the weekend. When you get home just fold up the Fly; designed to be lightweight and streamlined, this stylish bike is perfect for any rider where space and convenience are essential.

The charging process for the Fly is also quick and simple. It only takes it 4 hours to be fully charged. The battery is also removable making it easier to charge. Moreover, you can have a spare battery and keep them charged at alternate times so you never have to wait. The mounted battery display on the handlebar lets you check in seconds how fast you are travelling and how much battery life is left. When you need an extra pedal power boost, the speed sensor will kick in. 

Single-speed assistance ensures you can start your journey swiftly and smoothly. There’s no need to compromise comfort with the Fly, with adjustable cushioned saddle and handlebars and 2-year warranty those looking for an introduction to the world of eco-friendly commuting can do so in comfort with this fantastic entry-level folding e-bike.

The E-Trends Fly bike is available from £899* order by 18th  December for

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