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The World’s Only Remote-Controlled, Real-Flame Candle


LuDela, the world leader in real flame candle innovations has announced the release of LuDela Gen 2. The second generation of the LuDela Gen1 is even better than the original groundbreaking tech that changed consumers’ perception of candles. Given the amazing response it got as it was quickly sold out, LuDela spent the past year listening to consumer feedback to bring them something even better. The Gen 2 now has enhancements including a new streamlined design, a larger 1.5-inch flame that lasts three times longer than the original (50+ hours of burn time per cartridge), a new safety feature that blows out the candle when fingers touch the top of the candle, and a high-capacity rechargeable battery that lasts well over three months on a single charge.

In order to provide users with a safer, smarter and more convenient candlelight experience, the LuDela Gen 2 candle brings forward a combination of the warmth and beauty fo traditional real flame with cutting edge technology. Users simply activate the candle via remote for the instant ambiance of real flame candlelight, and integrated timers and safety features make it safer than a traditional candle.

The LuDela Gen2 offers these game-changing features:

  • Remote ignite and extinguish: Instant real flame ambience with a touch of a button
  • Tilt-extinguish: The candle self-extinguishes when it tilts or falls
  • Safety extinguish: The flame is blown out when fingers touch the top of the candle
  • Timer extinguish: Increase safety and peace of mind with timed burns
  • Child lock remote: Kids and candles don’t mix. LuDela’s remote is child-resistant
  • Everbrite flame: Always burns bright like a beautiful candle and never tunnels down like pillar candles
  • Forever-new décor: Never messy or ugly. Always looks like a beautiful new candle
  • Simple candle refills: Affordable, quick-change refills burn 50+ hours each
  • Rechargeable battery: Lasts 3 months per recharge for less charging, more candlelight ambience
  • Mess and hassle-free: No more wax mess or wick hassles

“LuDela is 5,000 years in the making. It takes everything we love about candles – the ambience, the tranquillity, the warmth – and virtually eliminates all the inconveniences and hassles while providing more peace of mind with our safety features,” said Jamie Bianchini, inventor and Chief Visionary Officer at LuDela.


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