JOBY, the smartphone accessory brand-of-choice for content creators everywhere, has announced their latest campaign – “What is a JOBY”. Designed to invite Generation Z and aspiring content creators to unleash their creativity whilst having fun, “What is a JOBY” wants to inspire a generation to produce meaningful, authentic content.


From day one JOBY has believed in creation as an act of creativity. Each product is designed to be functional yet playful, and easy to use with the aim of enhancing people’s lives. JOBY supports content creators that want to set free their creativity, put passion into their content, show boldness – all whilst having fun doing it. The world belongs to this type of creativity and together it can be made a better place one story, one post or one vlog at a time.

Following on from the hugely successful #TheSongOfUs campaign which saw JOBY receiving more than 90 million views on its social media channels and 8,000 video submissions thanks to the partnership with singer, songwriter actress and model Justine Skye, the new campaign will see JOBY join forces with Gen Z to define what content creation is. #TheSongOfUs not only gave content creators an exclusive song and created a new viral challenge, it also impacted on the whole customer journey and resulted in making JOBY the second tripod brand in the US market after Manfrotto.

Generation Z are doers, thinkers and creators. The world is at their fingertips. JOBY will challenge creators across Europe to define exactly what JOBY is using their creativity and intuition. Products will be shipped without any instruction to a selected number of European ambassadors, with the task to show the world how JOBY helps them to create using their originality. Content creation is what each individual makes it, and the campaign will inspire creators to give a creative spin to the products in their own style.

What is a JOBY will focus on four main countries – France, UK, Germany and Italy and will help JOBY drive the digital expansion in the EU market. With an expectation of 53 million views on social media, amplification from influencer outreach and a target of 380K clicks more traffic to eCommerce, the campaign will run from October to December.

Selected European ambassadors have already started to release their content for this new campaign. From the UK singing duo and identical twins Max&Harvey, Jack Massey Welsh from JacksEpicYouTubeChannelFullOfFunTimesandFunHiRickX and Alex Brooks from MarzBarVlogs have partnered with JOBY to create exciting videos for this campaign.

Described by Simon Cowell as ‘the next Ant and Dec’, singing duo Max&Harvey created their What is a JOBY challenge using some of their own props – check out what they got up to over on their channel.

JacksEpicYouTubeChannelFullOfFunTimesandHiRickX is the first channel with a 50-character long username to reach 100,000 subscribers. Created by Jack Massey Welsh (also of JackSucksAtLife), part of his What is a JOBY challenge included costumes for both of Jack’s dogs – see the end result in his final video!

Among the others, JOBY has also partnered also with BonnyTrash from Germany and Brunograffer from France to create their twist on the What is a JOBY campaign.

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