Protect Your Home From The Convenience Of Your Smartphone!

Hive, the smart home provider has launched HomeShield, a brand new smart monitoring service that enables you to look out and protect your home from the convenience of your smartphone.


Recently, especially after COVID-19, our homes have become the safe havens that keep us protected. As a result people have become more and more attached to them. So, when we leave our homes, it is understandable that we wish to stay connected, check-in, and have the additional peace of mind that our homes are safe and loved ones are well. This is where HomeShield comes in. 

Americo Lenza, Portfolio Director at Centrica said: “We’re passionate about helping you find the best home solutions, which is exactly why we’ve launched HomeShield. Our smart monitoring service puts you at the forefront of your home security with the power of your smartphone.”

HomeShield gives the home owner greater control, connectivity and visibility of the home at all times of the day. All of this is done from the convenience of the smartphone which is with us all the time. You have to use the Hive app to view what has happened and when, giving you reassurance at a glance whether at home or away.

To enjoy the benefits of the HomeShield smart monitoring service and unlock a host of features on the Hive app, simply sign up to HomeShield’s monthly subscription and connect all of your devices together to work as one smart monitoring ecosystem. You can choose the combination of Hive devices that work best for your home – from a range of cameras, sensors and the new Hive Siren and Keypad.

How HomeShield works

1)      Subscribe to HomeShield from £9.99 a month to unlock a host of smart monitoring features in the Hive app.

2)      Select the Hive devices you want for your smart monitoring system. Use any you already have, like the Hive View Outdoor camera, and add devices such as the Hive Siren, Keypad and sensors. You can choose any combination of products to suit you and your home. 

3)      Help protect your home from your phone: open your Hive app to see exactly what’s happened during the day, set your alarm remotely, get intelligent alerts, share video evidence, and more.

HomeShield also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls, allowing you to arm or disarm your system, or change between HomeShield’s three modes of Home, Sleep and Away, all without lifting a finger.

HomeShield is available to purchase now. You can opt for a professional installation which means a trusted expert engineer will install your devices, set them up in the app and show you how to use them, so you can get started straight away. 

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