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Samsung Expands its Computing Range with the Samsung Chromebook 4 Series Launch in the UK

Samsung has introduced an exciting new product following the incredible response it received for the Galaxy Book range launched earlier. The new products include the Chromebook 4 and Chromebook 4+ which are now launched in the UK by Samsung. These bring together a combination of sleek design and performance with value. More than enough to help you get through your daily lives task. 


“Given the fantastic response to the Galaxy Book range launched earlier this year which marked our return to mobile computing in the UK, we can’t wait to offer customers the Samsung Chromebook 4 Series.” said James Kitto, Vice President of Sales at Samsung UK and Ireland. “Bringing power and beautiful design at an affordable price, the series reaffirms our commitment to the category, where we are uniquely positioned with a mobile-first approach to computing that completes our best-in-class ecosystem”.

Sleek, Modern Design

The design of the Chromebook 4 line is sleek and beautiful. The simplicity is reflect in the fact that it has no visible screws anywhere, which automatically tells that Samsung was focusing on the premium feel here. The hardware on these Chromebooks is high quality and slim making them exceptionally thin, lightweight, and portable for use on-the-go. The screen of the Samsung Chromebook 4 (11.6”) is equipped with an HD display, whilst the Chromebook 4+ (15.6”) comes with a Full HD display to truly enhance the viewing experience. In order to make them the perfect companions for office workers, students and entertainment, Samsung has equipped both new Chromebooks with long lasting batteries as well.

Performance with Value

The Chromebook 4 line-up not only speaks with the looks. The performance it provides for the value speaks a lot too. It represents a new gold standard of value, combining high-level performance at a highly competitive price point. You get up to 64GB of storage. 4GB of memory and a powerful Intel Celeron Processor N4000 allowing users to do more than what they expect to do with a device in this range.

The Google Experience

Apart from everything else, you all get the Google experience with all Google features and application available on this part of the line-up as well. You get the Google Assistant, Google Play Store with exceptional portability, power and connectivity and in  sleek yet premium design of Samsung. 


The Samsung Chromebook 4 Series will be available from 25 November on Samsung.com/uk with a wider roll out to selected retailers next year.

The Samsung Chromebook 4+, available in Platinum Titan with 15.6” display will range in two storage variants with an RRP of £349.99 for 32GB storage and an RRP of £379 for 64GB storage.

The Samsung Chromebook 4 is available in Platinum Titan, a 11.6” display and 32GB storage at an RRP of £299.99

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