Nanoleaf Adds To Its Shapes Line With The Launch Of Triangles And Mini Triangles

Nanoleaf, the world-renowned Canadian smart-lighting specialist, has introduced an incredible product to its already incredible line, the Nanoleaf Shapes – Triangles. The new Triangles by Nanoleaf allow users to create elegantly unified designs for the first time ever. 


The Nanoleaf Shapes – Triangles are the most recent addition to the entirely interoperable Shapes line that Nanoleaf will be adding to throughout 2020-2021. 

The new Triangles not only come in one size. There is also Mini Triangles version. The addition of these two to the already popular Hexagon panels paves way for new opportunities for users to explore an endless number of creative designs. It also features an amazing 16 million colour combination set which is made even better with the intuitive touch capabilities and state of the art scheduling functions. With this new addition and the incredible features, it has to offer the Nanoleaf Shapes line boasts limitless creative possibilities.

Interact in a way that wows

The newly introduced Shapes line by Nanoleaf has all the features that Nanoleaf was offering with its other lighting solutions. However, this line has also been equipped with some major developments in a re-engineered modular lighting experience. Having the ability to combine different shapes together, the user is provided with the freedom to outlet their ultimate creativity. You can design everything from abstract geometric styles to truly immersive lighting mosaics.  

Even entertainment is taken to another level as the Shapes line delivers the Screen Mirror function. This allows your on-screen activity to be reflected in real-time on the shapes pattern. You can see the patterns and the colours of the movie or the game reflected onto the panels to add a new depth of experience to movie-nights and gaming sessions.

Customise and control your lighting

In order to control the panels, users can make use of the Nanoleaf app that lets them have complete control. As a result, they can customise the product in any way they want. You can create bespoke scenes and colour motions such as the Forest Scene, helping you reconnect with nature while you are indoors. Or create your own scenes to reflect your personal style, moods, and activities where you can customise everything from colours and motions to layers and speed. All this control is possible with the app. 

You can also set schedules for your daily routine via the app. It is automated and once you have input the schedules, the panels will work on their own, showing patterns at the time you have scheduled. You can also add your morning alarm on it. It even allows you to modify the touch controls with Touch Gestures by choosing what happens when you double-tap or swipe up on the panels.

Priced from £119.99 for five panels, the Nanoleaf Shapes are available from

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