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Nanoleaf’s New Hexagons Light Panel Series Available For Pre Order 15th May


The smart lighting specialist, Nanoleaf, is back with another innovation. The new launch of its line of light panes, Nanoleaf Shapes-Hexagons has been announced. The new hexagonal inspired light panels introduce a totally different modular lighting system. The shocking thing about it is that it offers more than 16 million color options. Moreover, there is a special setting such as ‘Study’ or ‘Sunrise’ to complement any interior setting. 

Sleek upgrades and complete design freedom 

The new Nanoleaf Shapes line introduces the hexagonal shaped light panels as its debut, with a series of fresh shapes set to be added to the line throughout 2020-21. An interesting thing to note is that all products which will be launched in the Nanoleaf Shapes will be interoperable and will have the ability to connect with each other. As a result, all owners get truly limitless customization and design possibilities. 

The panels are touch-sensitive and their modular design allows them to transform everyday lighting into an immersive, tactile experience. To top it all, the wide range of customizable color combinations allows them to even cover the walls or ceiling of an entire room. It can do wonders with music as the lights react to it via a built-in Rhythm module. Each panel can be controlled by a simple touch, or via the easy-to-use Nanoleaf app. 

Nanoleaf smart lighting has been designed keeping in mind the profound effect lighting can have on people’s sleeping patterns. With the innovative modular lighting system, individuals can create a tranquil setting in their bedrooms or anywhere they want. The state of the art features of the Nanoleaf Shapes- Hexagons include the sunrise mode which enables users to wake up gently with a simulated sunrise. This is a calm and relaxing way to start the day, compared to an alarm clock sounding on a dark morning. 

The modular panels are extremely thin which makes it seem like they are floating on the wall. Moreover, the mounting system has been improved, minimizing wall damage. The touch-reactive hexagons will also have minimized dark corners to maximize the color and light painted across your space. 

Rest assured, users will also still be able to enjoy their favorite features, like the Scene Creator, dynamic Rhythm music visualizer, and LayoutDetect Technology. New features, like Layered Scenes (place a static design on top of a dynamic motion) and immersive Screen Mirror will also be available for the Nanoleaf Shapes – Hexagons. 

Priced at £179.99 for 9 panels, Nanoleaf Shapes – Hexagons can be purchased via https://nanoleaf.me/en/

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