The Perfect Fitness Companion!

The word for Huawei’s upcoming launch of its latest fitness watch is out. The Huawei Watch Fit is the brand’s first-ever smart sports watch that features a rounded rectangular face. It a range of animated fitness courses, workout modes, and scientific health-tracking features that encourage people to get into new forms of exercise. The style this watch offers is unmatched and attractive enough for users to not want to take it off ever. Available in the UK from Wednesday 16th September, Huawei’s latest fitness watch ushers in a new era of smart wearables, challenging users to style up their fitness as they reframe their outlook on their own performance.


Reframe your fitness

Since the pandemic has made everyone sit at homes, people have resorted to new forms of exercise to stay fit. People have been going on long runs and experimenting with Yoga. This and a lot more, that requires a smart fitness companion to guide and monitor them. The Huawei Watch Fit fulfills all these requirements and becomes the perfect fitness companion meanwhile being a style statement with its incredible design. 

There are a total of 12 animated personal training courses that Huawei has offered for the first time in its watch. These are complemented by 44 posture demonstrations. Bite-sized strength training, abdominal workouts, and other exercises help users to keep active even if they are strapped for time. Additionally, there are 96 workout modes with advanced data tracking, allowing you to stay on top of your performance. 11 professional workout modes cover the most popular exercise types, including running, walking, cycling, swimming, and more with a further 85 workout modes to choose from!

Reframe your health

With the increasing worry of health among people, the Huawei Watch Fit become the perfect gadget to counter this worry. It features proprietary TruSeen™ 4.0 heart rate monitoring technology allows Huawei Watch Fit to support intelligent background heart rate monitoring, displaying users’ current resting heart rate in addition to an infographic showing how their heart rate changed over the last 24 hours.

Moreover, Huawei’s TruSleep 2.0 allows for sleep stage monitoring, real-time heart rate monitoring, sleep respiration quality, and big data analysis on the new Huawei Watch Fit. Users get to have a number of sleep improvement suggestions based on the watch’s analysis. Given the long battery life, keeping a track of sleeping becomes an easy task. There is also SpO2 monitoring, stress level monitoring, and menstrual cycle management, ensuring that it covers each and every single aspect of your health that a smart device can.   

Reframe your style

The first watch by Huawei to have a rounded rectangular face measures 1.64 inches. The large yet perfectly proportioned AMOLED HD display enables full user engagement.  The bezels are ultra-slim that give the watch a futuristic and modern look. With the lightweight of the watch and the sleek appearance, you can wear it anywhere and all the time. On-trend wrist strap colour options including Mint green, Sakura pink, Cantaloupe Orange, and Graphite Black give consumers the power to express themselves as they mix and match their looks. You also have 130 watch faces to choose from, maximising customisability. 

Available from Wednesday 16th September at £119.99 RRP from the Huawei Store and selected retailers, Huawei Watch Fit is the perfect smart sports watch to help you lead your own fitness revolution.

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