The First Hybrid Watch That Can Detect What No Other Watch Can!

Withings, the world leader and advocate for digital health and connected analogue watches, has announced that the ScanWatch will be available in the European market. The decision has come out post the CE marking for medical devices received by the ScanWatch. The smartwatch has been intrinsically crafted by cardiologists and sleep experts. It is the only validated hybrid smartwatch to exist that detects both atrial fibrillation (AFib) and overnight breathing disturbances. As a result, it has become the most advanced medical innovation by Withings. The smartwatch offers an incredible battery life which goes up to 30 days. It has been put into form to enable users and their physicians to monitor the overall health through a wearable that identifies highly prevalent, yet largely underdiagnosed cardiovascular, respiratory and sleep breathing issues early.


COVID-19 Response

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has the world shifting and adapting to new forms of monitoring for patients. As a result, the ScanWatch not only helps detect AFib and overnight breathing disturbances. It also aids people suffering from COVID-19 by enabling them to monitor their blood oxygen saturation levels on-demand from home via the embedded SpO2 sensor. Withings is also involved in a research initiative with the Department of Cardiology at the university hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, which is integrating ScanWatch into a COVID-19 patient monitoring project.

“We announced ScanWatch earlier this year to an enthusiastic response. Today, its capabilities to detect heart rhythm disorders as well as to track blood oxygen saturation levels have become even more amplified due to COVID-19,” said Mathieu Letombe, CEO of Withings. “With the CE mark regulatory approval for AFib detection and SpO2 measurement, we are delighted to be able to make ScanWatch available to customers in Europe now, with medical-grade sleep apnea detection coming later this year as well as U.S. availability.”

In-depth Cardiovascular Health Monitoring

The ability of the ScanWatch to detect AFib can be extremely helpful. AFib is the main form of irregular heart rhythm that is not easy to diagnose and often goes unnoticed. ScanWatch does this job brilliantly with its ability to take a medical-grade ECG on-demand. The smartwatch is also helpful in determining whether the heart rhythm is slow, high or shows signs of AFib through a proactive heart scanning feature. When ScanWatch detects an irregular heartbeat through its heart rate sensor, it will prompt the user via the watch display to record an ECG in just 30 seconds.

Breathing Disturbances Detection

There are approximately one billion people that suffer from mild to severe sleep apnea. What’s worse is that 8 out of 10 people can’t figure out the cause. Breathing disturbances during sleep can be a major cause of sleep apnea and the ScanWatch helps to detect this. It performs the detection by an exclusive algorithm based on an analysis of blood oxygen level, heart rate movement and breathing frequency, collected through ScanWatch’s accelerometer and the optical sensor. 


ScanWatch is commercially available in Europe for €279/£249.95 (38mm) and for €299/ £279.95 (42mm) at, Amazon and select consumer electronics retailers. It will be available in the United States later this year, following FDA-clearance, for $279 (38mm) and $299 (42 mm) online at and Amazon as well as at Best Buy stores.

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