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Simplify Your Life With Nolii’s ‘human-first’ design ethos


The recently born innovative British brand, Nolii, has launched a groundbreaking first collection of tech and smartphone accessory products. The company has taken a communal approach by introducing marvelous designs to solve real peoples’ everyday problems. The products have been specifically designed to seamlessly improve the way we work, play, and live. 

Nolii is a first of its kind technology brand that has taken its inspiration from the challenges of our everyday life. It aims to fulfill its mission of making a meaningful difference through intuitive and effortless tech. Nolii tackles our everyday points of friction, from tangled cables lost behind tables and bulky batteries on the move to fumbling with cards and phones. 

Modular, connected, and fully customizable 

The launch collection by Nolii has been built around the patented  Click Lock Couple Case system. The design is unique and offers users complete flexibility to effortlessly connect the Couple Case to a wide range of lifestyle accessories including Wallet, Battery, and Fitness Band. With over 40 different colour combinations, you get to build a personalised system that’s just for you. 

Coveted design for the everyday  

Nolii has stood out in its products by keeping away from the identical designs of the cables, cases, and chargers available in the market. It has a unique design approach complemented by dynamic colorways and functional tech. 

“Technology should free us, not tie us down,” says co-founder Asad Hamir. “Nolii is the result of my own frustrations with how tech accessories seemed to make life harder, not easier. We built Nolii with human needs and effortless design in mind; introducing a challenger brand set to reimagine how we experience tech.”

Co-founder Amar Radia adds “It’s been an exciting three-year journey. We are extremely proud to finally be launching this first family of Nolii products. We passionately believe that technology should not only solve problems but, in this new world, give us freedom and flexibility in our everyday lives.  

“In the post-COVID world, we need our technology to work harder, better, and do more. The way we live, work, and play has changed.” 

Launching with its innovative Couple Case, Couple Fitness Band, Couple Battery systems, Loop cable and Duo Plug, Nolii will release a stream of design-led accessories in 2020. 

The Nolii range will be available to purchase from www.nolii.com with RRP from £25 to £199, with connected product bundles starting from £49.

The Range


The Couple range starts with the Couple Case, featuring Nolii’s Click Lock. Couple range, including batteries, fitness bands, and a wallet, to the Couple Case.

Launch range for iPhone X / XS /XS Max / XR /11 / 11 Pro /11 Pro Max

Next in line is Wallet that allows you to keep your important cards safely in one place, with your phone. The patented Click Lock means it can’t come loose, staying with you at all times.

The Fitness Band sturdily keeps your phone locked in one place so you can work out without worry. 

Battery Wireless and Battery Lightning Cable making charging a hassle less task. All you need to do is twist the Click Lock.  


Loop is the answer to tangled, broken cables. Designed to be coiled up, Loop’s built-in tie keeps it neatly tied together, and its Kevlar-reinforced collar stops it from breaking. Clip it on the weighted base and it won’t fall off your desk, either.  

Duo plug and you can charge it while charging your device. Duo’s dual USB ports make it the only plug you’ll need. 


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