Nuki Unveils Smart Innovations

Nuki, the market leader in innovative smart locks in Europe has announced yet another sustainable Nuki Power Pack and a limited White Edition of the Nuki Smart Lock. the CEO of Nuki, Partin Pansy, made these announcements via a digital presentation. He also added the announcement of the Nuki Club during the presentation. The Nuki Club offers all Nuki customers exclusive benefits. Along all of this, the CEO also announced the confirmation of their upcoming installation service. 


Nuki Power Pack: powerful and rechargeable instead of batteries 

The Nuki Power Pack puts a full stop to the use of batteries in the Nuki Smart Lock. The Nuki power Pack offers twice as much power and capacity compared to a standard AA battery. As a result, you can last longer on a single charge. The life of the new smart accessory is approximately 12 months. Users get an alert notification on their mobile app as well as the Smart Lock every time the battery level falls below the 20% mark. The Nuki Power Pack will be available from October for the price of 49 euros and is compatible with both the Nuki Smart Lock 1.0 and 2.0.

White Edition, limited special edition 

Alongside the incredible Nuki Power Pack, the smart lock enthusiast has also announced a limited White Edition of the Nuki Smart Lock, which elegant and stylish. 

“Through our customer surveys, we know that a white colour variant is at the top of our customers’ wish lists,” says Martin Pansy. 

The limited White Edition will be available exclusively via the Nuki online shop from October while stocks last.

Nuki Club: exclusive offers 

Nuki has always been about the community. The strong reason behind their love and thought for the community is the crowdfunding of the community which helped Nuki reach higher levels in previous years. As a result, Nuki took in the customer feedback and introduce the Nuki Club as a welcome gift to its loyal supporters.  Membership is free of charge and registration is now available via the administration menu in the Nuki app or directly while you purchase a Nuki Smart Lock.

Coming soon: Nuki installation service 

The Nuki Smart Lock was designed as an easy-to-install retrofit solution – more than 150,000 customers across Europe have installed it without problems. Ever since the Nuki Opener was launched, which is directly connected to the intercom phone, the need for an installation service was put forward by the customers. The requests grew and Nuki has finally responded by announcing the advent of Nuki Installation survive. It will start in  Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Cologne from Autumn 2020. The installation service is booked and paid for when you buy the product from the Nuki Shop.

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