New LG CineBeam Projector Elevates Home Movie Viewing To New Heights

Ever wished for an authentic movie theatre experience in the comfort of your own homes? LG Electronics has made it possible with their latest LG CineBeam 4K UHD Laser projector (Model HU810P). It is the latest addition in LG’s well known and regarded high-resolution projector lineup. It has been specifically stuffed with technology to cater to the needs of movie lovers and families who are entertaining at home. The ability of the projector to provide access to newly released movies via the compatibility with popular content streaming apps makes it the perfect choice alongside the incredible cinematic quality picture it produces. 

LG CineBeam 4K UHD Laser projector delivers sumptuous, 4K (3,840 x 2,160) resolution up to 300 inches (diagonally) with a dazzling 2,700 ANSI lumens of brightness, covering 97 per cent of the DCI-P3 colour space with its dual laser system. The projector’s laser light source is extremely reliable and durable, with a lifespan of approximately 20,000 hours of brilliance.

You do not have to worry about the lighting anymore as the LG CineBeam projector produces vibrant, crystal clear images. LG’s new Adaptive Picture Pro technology allows you to have the perfect cinematic experience no matter how bright the room is or how dark the scene is. The Iris Mode offers two presets including the Bright Room Mode and Dark Room Mode. The mode automatically detects the amount of light in the room to produce to best possible results in accordance. And Adaptive Contrast automatically adjusts each frame to achieve the optimal contrast ratio in darker scenes.

The LG CineBeam also has support for Real Cinema Mode and TruMotion Mode. As a result, the projector is able to produce results in such a manner that they are presented as the director originally intended for the viewers to see. This incredible experience is made possible by adjusting the frame rate of the projected image to match the original source at 24Hz. The TruMotion is specifically for action movies, allowing for a natural and smooth rendering of quick and fast scenes. The projector supports a variety of popular HDR formats, including HDR10 and HLG, as well as Dynamic Tone Mapping.

Control and ease of use are also incredible features that the projector has to offer. It is running LG’s latest webOS 5.0 platform allowing for intuitive control and navigation as well as quick access to popular streaming services such as Disney+ and YouTube. t is compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and Screen Share, giving viewers the ability to share content from smartphones and tablets at a cinematic scale. And with Auto Calibration II software, owners can get results that were previously only possible with professional picture calibration.

“Our new CineBeam projector performs equally well with bright or dark scenes, elevating picture quality and enhancing the viewing experience to a whole new level,” said Jang Ik-hwan, senior vice president and head of the IT business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company. “There is currently no other product like it on the market today, a demonstration of how LG continues to deliver innovation that improves lives.”

At IFA 2020, LG will present a virtual exhibition throughout the month of September featuring its latest innovations including LG CineBeam 4K UHD Laser projector. Visit for more information.

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