Bringing 8K Experience To More People

SKYWORTH, a leading global television brand, today launched SKYWORTH Q71, which is supported by the new coocaa OS 8, at its Autumn Product Launch under the theme of “8K is Here”. At an affordable price point, SKYWORTH Q71 aims to make 8K content available for a wider audience to enjoy. SKYWORTH also introduced the newest product of the “Ablaze” series for the youth in China, SKYWORTH A50. 


At the launch, SKYWORTH shared its latest efforts in leading the development of the 5G + 8K solutions, in addition to making its first foray into the enterprise market with the new SKYWORTH Business brand. This demonstrates SKYWORTH’s commitment to continuous technological innovation and adding value for its customers.

Tony Wang, Chief Executive and President of SKYWORTH TV, said: “The current hindrances to mass adoption of 8K TVs are the lack of proper 8K content and the high product prices. As an industry leader in 5G+8K solutions, SKYWORTH is dedicated to bridging the gap. We have been at the forefront of supporting content creation and providing affordable and quality TVs via persistent R&D, so more people can enjoy the supreme visual experience. We are delighted to announce that 8K is here.”

Leading the Integration of 5G+8K into Business and Home Scenarios and Supporting 8K Content Creation

To address the 8K content gap and promote 8K adoption, SKYWORTH has been working on a plethora of initiatives to lead the creation of a robust ecosystem:

  • SKYWORTH has partnered with, a Shanghai-based distributing platform for 8K video content, so its TV users can watch high-resolution clips via the “8K content hub” powered by the new coocaa OS 8. 
  • To incubate China’s 8K video content creator network, SKYWORTH is handpicking video creators and will offer them the opportunity to livestream their high-quality 8K videos or provide their content on-demand to millions of coocaa users. This aims to enhance the 8K content ecosystem.
  • SKYWORTH’s new coocaa OS 8 also provides all-rounded AI-enabled smart experiences to transform modern homes. These include an all-new Cloud Gaming Channel packed with popular games, an extensive library of audio content for karaoke at home, and online learning, as well as a private family message board where users can leave real-time video messages to share their special out-of-home moments with family members.
  • As an industry leader in 5G+8K solutions for business and home scenarios, SKYWORTH has a complete product portfolio from content creation and storage (LIFErecorder 8K camera and 8K coocaa cloud) to content transmission and display (LIFErecorder 5G EXTENDER and 8K TV).

SKYWORTH A50 – Bringing SKYWORTH’s Passion Closer to the Youth

In addition, SKYWORTH also renamed its TV series that brings innovative experiences and advanced TV features to the youth of China to the “Ablaze” series. SKYWORTH A50, the newest product of the series, can be paired with the Swaiot PANEL, expanding it beyond a TV into a big-screen AIoT hub. Young users can control and interact with the smart devices around their houses through SKYWORTH A50 and the Swaiot PANEL, creating a seamless experience at home.

SKYWORTH Business Brand – Offering a Trusted Choice to Business Partners

With 5G, AI, IoT, and other emerging technologies, businesses require to display solutions that go beyond traditional means. In view of this, SKYWORTH introduced the SKYWORTH Business brand, which offers four reliable, precise, harmonious, and technologically advanced solutions to business partners – Swaiot PROTV, Swaiot BOARD, Swaiot SIGNAGE, and Swaiot WALL. They cater to all scenarios, enabling business partners to share information with consumers in a targeted and clear manner.

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