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A Car Seat That Not Only Provides Safety!

The Scandinavian Car Seat brand BeSafe has added an incredible new product to its collection, the IZI TWIST B-E I-SIZE.  It is an amazing rotation seat that adds the benefit of providing electronic feedback thanks to the innovative E-Fit Guider installed. Most parent suffers the worry of ensuring that the car seat has been installed properly. The all-new E-Fit Guider lessens this worry as it guides the parents step by step, providing them with the confidence that they can drive off with their child safely secure.  


The new addition by the brand caters to both babies and toddlers and acts as two in one. You can use it for your child in the age range from birth to 4. The rotation can be used to turn the child towards oneself when putting them into the chair. The new rotating seat has revolutionized the concept of rear-facing and rotating child seats by featuring one-of-a-kind installation and innovative technologies.

The E-Fit Guider

The incredible design on the seat is totally new and makes it extremely easy for any parent or carer to install. The installation process has been explained step by step with images. There are audio and visual signals to alert the person that the step has been completed. As a result, one gets to focus on the step at hand instead of worrying about what’s coming next. Once all of the steps have been completed, the ‘drive’ image turns greens, indicating that the parents can now drive off, ensuring that the child has been tucked in safely in the back of the car. 

The BeSafe Baby Shell has the Dynamic Force Absorber that provides extra protective sidewalls to keep the baby safe. It is unlike any other 2 in 1 seat from birth, offering the safest environment for a newborn. 

The BeSafe Newborn Hugger, as the name, suggests snuggles up and supports the baby with its super-soft materials. It makes up for a cosy environment with utmost comfort. 

SIP+ Additional Side Impact Protection

Side impact injuries are the most common and most dangerous for babies. In order to counter these, BeSafe has come up with the unique SIP+. This comes as an additional safety feature. You can place it on the side of the seat, using it as an added support for the internal side-impact protection that is already included. This add on provides greater peace of mind to parents. It absorbs energy up to an additional 20% in the unfortunate event of a collision. 

Universal Level Technology

The Universal Level Technology by BeSafe provides a solution against the sloping vehicle seats which pose a problem for rear-facing car seats. Universal Level Technology is a special seat and base design that is constructed even for the most sloping seats.  The car seat does not sit flatly on the base surface, it is embedded into the base at an angle.  This way, it gives the same angle on all vehicle seats, as its construction works independently to the seat.

The IZI TWIST B-E I-SIZE is available in Cloud Melange and now available through Independents across the UK RRP £539.00

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