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Car Seats Designed for the Future


BeSafe, a Norwegian company, has dedicated its efforts to producing the safest possible car seats for children of all ages. It has been building up its pride based on the innovation and design it has brought forward. They have been working over the years so that families can travel with ease knowing that their children are safely secured in the car. 

The company was launched in 1963 and has been providing children with the best travel solutions for over 50 years now. The specialist family business is evolving every single day based on its heritage and craftsmanship and working on its one core vision ‘to keep children safe’.  

In their award-winning collection, they have a range of car seats that cater to children from the age range of birth to 12 years old as well as a pregnancy belt for mothers who are expecting and a selection of complementary accessories.  All now available in the UK through a wide range of stockists. 

Safety First

BeSafe is known around the world for its safety credentials. They prioritize safety over anything else and have been continually creating innovative products in order to improve the safety of children on the roads. All their car seats undergo extreme tests to ensure the highest quality standards. They have focused all their research into devising the safest solutions for children. Side impacts are known to cause the most serious injuries for children in cars. BeSafe has focused on this as well and has created solutions to specifically combat this.

The Dynamic Force Absorber is a state-of-the-art, innovative headrest design.  Created with a honeycomb placement of V-shaped materials, allowing for controlled bending in the inner area of the seat, whilst keeping a rigid outer frame. By bending like a trampoline, the seat allows for a perfectly controlled and very gentle cushioning of the child.  This gives them the most advanced protection in the event of a side-impact collision. 

Rear Facing

Numerous years of seat testing has proved that rear-facing child seats are actually five times safer than front-facing seats. As a result of this, BeSafe offers the option of rear-facing in all their Toddler Group 1 seats, until approx. 4 years of age.

SIP+ Additional Side Impact Protection

Since side impacts are the most lethal, BeSafe has come up with a feature to combat it. The SIP+ offers additional safety by providing extra support to the internal side impact protection already installed inside the chair when placed on the side of the BeSafe child car seat. This supplementary add on provides even greater peace of mind to parents, as it is constructed to absorb energy and reduces the load on the child’s neck and head by up to an additional 20% in the event of a collision. 

Universal Level Technology

Sloping vehicle seats are often found in smaller cars, and whilst they have benefits for adults, they pose problems for rear-facing car seats.  BeSafe has taken on the challenge created by the car seat industry and developed the Universal Level Technology, a special seat-and-base design that is constructed even for the most sloping seats.  The car seat does not sit flatly on the base surface, it is embedded into the base at an angle.  This way, it gives the same angle on all vehicle seats, as its construction works independently to the seat.  This is now available on all rotation seats.

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