LG WashTower Sets New Expectation For Performance And Convenience

LG Electronics has come up with yet another laundry solution to be virtually launched at IFA 2020. It brings a higher level of convenience for all consumers handling the housework. The latest LG WashTower brings forward a combination of LG’s smart features and latest technologies. It has also combined a washing machine and dryer in a single unit, increasing the convenience of the user. This innovative new home appliance will be available worldwide this year, with availability starting next month in North America.


There are several competing stacked washers and dryers out there in the market. However, LG’s WashTower stands out from the rest as it has been built completely from the ground as a one body solution. One the wash cycle begins, the integrated unit indicates the time it would take for it do both: washing and drying. The washer and dryer are in sync with each other, sharing information, allowing the dryer to be automatically prepared while the washing is being done. As a result, the clothes are washed and dried better and more efficiently. 

LG has ensured that the WashTower is as user friendly as possible. The company has gone to extreme lengths with the unique design of the machine. Instead of having a separate control unit for both the washer and dryer, LG has fitted a single control unit to offer a more convenient and intuitive interface. Located between the washer and dryer for easy access, the all-in-one Centre Control makes it simple to manage every aspect of LG’s complete laundry solution.

The LG WashTower stands at a height of approximately 87 mm which is lower than the average combined height of stackable units. As a result, loading and unloading the top-mounted dryer is measurably easier. And WashTower doesn’t scrimp on capacity, with a maximum load of 17 kilograms for the washer and 16 kilograms for the dryer.

LG WashTower does not only come with an innovative design and build. It also comes packed with the latest and most advanced laundry and smart technologies by LG. the TurboWash 360 degree feature and AI Direct Drive (AI DD) enables the washer to provide with fast yet gentle and cleaner clothes. It automatically sets up the best suitable setting for the type of cloth by detecting it’s weight and softness. Its advanced AI reduces cycle times and energy usage without sacrificing effectiveness while the dryer utilises LG’s steam technology to deliver maximum hygiene, eliminating 99.99 per cent of common bacteria.

“Through groundbreaking products like TWINWash, and now the WashTower, LG continues to demonstrate its commitment to enhancing user convenience and space efficiency in the home,” said Dan Song, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “This complete solution is the result of our continuous efforts to streamline household chores to give consumers more freedom for a better life.”

At this year’s IFA, LG will present a virtual exhibition throughout the month of September featuring all its latest innovations, such LG WashTower in the Clothing Care Zone. An augmented reality option will help visitors envision LG products in their own homes. www.lg.com/global/exhibition/appliances.

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