A Passion for Music and Excellence: Fernando Alonso x Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen has announced a collaboration with the two-time F1 World Champion and double 24 Hours of Le Mans winner, Fernando Alonso. The collaboration has been made to bring to customers a limited edition run of the Danish audio brand’s new Beoplay E8 Sport earphones and the iconic Beosound Edge home speaker. The partnership has come into existence in an attempt to celebrate Fernando Alonso’s pursuit to become the second driver in history to attain the legendary Triple Crown at this year’s Indy 500. It also felt natural for the partnership to exist as Fernando Alonso has made music a big part of his routine during race preparations as well as being a long time fan of the Danish brand.  

“I have always used music as a training companion for maximum performance and when I mentally prepare for a race. Music helps me balance my frame of mind before getting into the car, whilst building adrenaline for the challenge ahead,” says Fernando Alonso and continues:

“I wanted to partner with an audio brand that shared my enduring passion and determination for excellence. I use Bang & Olufsen products in my everyday life from my toughest training to preparing myself for a race and relaxing in the garden with friends – so I could think of no better partner to mark this occasion and to bring this limited edition to those who harness the power of music to achieve the goals they set their minds on.”

66: Fernando Alonso Beoplay E8 Sport Earphones



The limited edition of the Beoplay E8 Sport earphones now with a Fernando at front of the name have been designed to match the livery design of the No. 66 Arrow McLaren SP car. They also offer incredible sound quality which makes them the perfect earphones for the driver when he is preparing for a race. The sound quality channels energy and focus on the task at hand while simultaneously calming the nerves and building adrenaline. 

14: Fernando Alonso Beosound Edge Home Speaker



The Beosound Edge home speaker has changed the way people live with music and is famous for this very trait. It has been brough into shape in collaboration with the globally acclaimed designer, Michael Anastassiades. It also comes packed with a ground breaking accoustical technology named Active Bass Port. The acoustic analogy is amazing in the sense that it works just like the spoiler of the car: it goes up as the speed goes up, in sync. 

When playing at lower volumes, it is using the closed cabinet principle for the most accurate sound reproduction, and as you turn up the volume the Active Bass Port opens to output more energized bass. In order to ensure that the bass capabilities are up to the mark, Bang & Olufsen acoustic engineers have put in a massive 10 inch woofer bass dirver on one side while both sides of the speaker enjoy a dedicated 4 inch midrange and a ¾ inch tweeter. 

Pricing and availability

Fernando Alonso Beoplay E8 Sport Edition earphones (RRP 400 EUR / 350 GBP / 400 USD), complete with a premium wireless charging case, five ear tips, three ear fins, and a USB-C charging cable, and Fernando Alonso Beosound Edge (RRP 3,600 EUR / 3,200 GBP / 3,800 USD) will be available mid-September 2020. Consumers can sign up on www.bang-olufsen.comwww.fernandoalonso.com, and www.museoycircuitofernandoalonso.com already today. 

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