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ZENS Will Launch The First Dual Wireless Usb-c Stick: An Essential Accessory For Apple Watch And Airpods


Video conferences have become a new trend with so many people working remotely. The ongoing pandemic has forced everyone to work from the convenience of their homes and this calls for more connection through smart devices and digital products. As a result, we are always left with the worry of our accessories running out of battery. However, this should be the last worry on anyone’s mind given the great shift to dependence on smart devices and accessories for work. As a result, ZENS has announced the launch of its dual wireless USB-C stick. 

USB-C is becoming increasingly popular and ZENS has used this popularity to their advantage by taking the reversibility of this connection a step further by creating a reversible wireless charger. You can plug this wireless charger into any USB-C port and plug it in your MacBook or any other device that has support for USB-C. Depending on which side you pick, it recharges your Apple Watch, AirPods, or even iPhone. 

ZENS Dual USB-C stick for Apple Watch and AirPods

ZEAW02B, €59,99, available for pre-order here – start shipping as of October 1st 2020. 

The Dual USB-C Stick is crafted out of high-grade aluminum which adds to the durability of the charger. To provide users with the ultimate charging convenience, the charger has two sides. You can pick either side and start charging your device. The side which goes by Side A has an integrated Apple Watch module to wirelessly recharge your Apple Watch. The module has official MFi certification and can charge any model or series of the Apple Watch. Side B keeps your AirPods charged because of its Qi-certified wireless charging surface. It works with all AirPods with a wireless charging case.

You can even use the USB-C cable that comes along the USB-C stick to connect the device to a USB-C port and use the wireless side of the charger to recharge your iPhone in case it is running out of juice. 

Warranty and availability

The charger is officially Qi- and MFi certified and has an extended warranty period of 3 years. It is currently available for pre-order only. These pre-orders will start shipping as of October 1st 2020, after which the product will also be available through selected resellers.

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