Parrot launches ANAFI USA: A drone designed for first responders and enterprise professional

Parrot has announced ANAFI USA which is a unique drone that combines enterprise-class data security with the easy to use features that have driven consumer drone adoption in recent years. The ANAFI USA drone has been crafted to be used by firefighters, first responders, search and rescue teams, security agencies, surveying, and inspection professionals.  

The drone features industry-first 32x zoom, 4K HDR video, and thermal imaging capabilities. Other standout traits of the drone include high portability, durability, and security. 

32x zoom

It is imperative for firefighters to be able to see the hotspot of the whole scene at the fire location as well as have a visual of the entire scene. The ANAFI USA allows them to assess both with it’s two 21 megapixel cameras and 32x zoom. They can see details clearly from up to 5km (3.1 mi) away. A blend of the zoom image with images from ANAFI USA’s FLIR Boson camera is made allowing the operator to detect hotspots with the thermal camera. 

Easy to operate 

It has been seen how rapid drone deployment is a necessity for first respondents and most demanding professional users during missions. This was kept in mind when designing ANAFI. What came out as a result is less than 55 seconds required to deploy ANAFI USA. this includes unfolding it, turning it on, establishing a secure radio link, and take off.

ANAFI is the quietest drone in its class and also brings lightweight and compactness with it. It has no limitations as to where you can fly it. It works indoors without GPS, allowing operators to take off inside a house, pilot the drone through a window to fly outside, and then come back. It is so easy to use that it can be launched from the palm of one’s hands like a paper plane. 

Trusted and secure

Security is at the top of the priority list of ANAFI USA. It has a Secure Digital (SD) card encryption which keeps the photos and videos protected in case the drone or SD card is lost. 

ANAFI USA puts security first for professional users. In order to authenticate and encrypt the link between the remote controller and ANAFI USA, it has a secure WPA2 Wi-Fi connection. Signed firmware prevents any malicious modification of the drone software.


Moreover, ANAFI USA is ruggedized. It can be flown in rainy conditions thanks to the IP53 rating. There are water and dust resistance which allows it to be deployed for missions in the toughest fighting conditions. ANAFI USA’s stabilized imaging ensures high-quality footage even at 15 m/s wind conditions.

New flight features 

ANAFI USA also brings new flight features that have been introduced in the drone to meet the needs of enterprise drone users. There are several easy to use flight features for pilots thanks to the Parrot’s acclaimed FreeFlight 6 piloting software. ANAFI USA’s flight routes can be set by coordinates in assisted framing or executed autonomously. Users can set up a specified home location for the drone as well. 

Pricing and availability

ANAFI USA will be available for pre-order starting July 1st. Priced at £6,500, availability will begin from September 1stthrough the following Parrot Drone Enterprise Partners: Coptrz, Korec, Sunbelt Rentals, and leading Enterprise Drone Resellers, and

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