Introducing the exquisite new manual tea/coffee brewer from Joy Resolve!


The new manual tea/coffee brewer from Joy Resolve has been designed to be the perfect companion for coffee and tea aficionados alike. It allows you to brew both loose tea or coffee at home conveniently in the kitchen.

The brewer comes equipped with Brew Chamber Technology and has stainless steel reusable filter which sits perfectly in a hand-blown glass funnel. The glass funnel is plugged by a good grade silicon bung. As a result, the tea or coffee is in there for a longer brew making it a perfect cup. When the brew is done, you simply have to lift the stainer up to release it into a cup. 

The brewer has a very basic three-part design which consists of the Brew Stand, Filter Arm, and the Brew Chamber. The Manual Brewer can be easily dismantled and stored away neatly in a drawer.

Customers with a bedside Barisieur can simply take the Brew Chamber off and place it on the specially designed stand to enjoy freshly brewed tea or coffee in the kitchen.

The Manual Immersion Brewer will be available from Tuesday 21st July and comes in both Walnut Timber and Blond Timber finishes. The Manual Immersion Brewer will retail for £69 and be available to shop online from

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