A gaming headset without compromises


Gaming headphones with best sound, crystal clear speech intelligibility and comfortable wear for the ears. Not just this but a built-in tank the Teufel CAGE is not a fashion accessory, but high-quality equipment for winners. The CAGE is equipped with fabric-covered cables and a solid metal suspension for the ear cups as well as high-quality spring steel in the headband. All these factors make it incredibly strong and durable. 

Top sound for top players

Sound in gaming plays an important role just as the graphics do. Most people overlook the sound and associate it more with movies and tv. However, a good sound and graphics combination can take the gaming experience to a whole new level. Teufel uses high-quality sound and large drivers ensuring that no sound detail is left behind and the player is always ready for anything that’s lurking around in the game. Virtual 7.1 sound on the PC not only ensures the best possible game atmosphere but also allows the exact location of the opponent and can make the difference between a win or lose.

HD microphone for the best communication

The microphone is as important as the speakers for gaming. If you are playing multiplayer, then communication is one of the key factors which can lead to your victory. The victory can be made easy if what you are communicating to your partners is crisp and crystal clear. Teufel has added a new microphone in CAGE for crystal clear intelligibility by completely redesigning it.  The directional characteristic of the main microphone ensures optimal voice pickup, while a second microphone helps to eliminate unwanted ambient noise and echoes. This newly designed connection for the microphone boom guarantees a perfect fit and keeps the microphone out of the player’s field of vision. Moreover, the software on the PC also enables the user to adjust the balance between game volume and chat. A switch directly on the left ear cup mutes the microphone if desired.

Optimal fit and smart functions

The CAGE is also extremely comfortable allowing gamers to have long gaming sessions. The earpads are incredibly soft and are quite large. Combined with the padded headband, the comfort is taken to a whole new level during long gaming sessions-even for those who wear glasses. PC players can adapt the CAGE headset to their personal preferences via the free software ‘Teufel Audio Center’. Here the customer finds both ready-made and freely configurable equalizers, controls the microphone and chat volume, and adjusts the virtual surround sound output. Players can also assign a function of their choice to the multifunction button on the right earcup in the Teufel Audio Center. The button located on the side controls the brightness of the illuminated Teufel logo on three levels (100%, 50%, 0%).

Price and availability

The gaming headset CAGE is now available for £149.99 at www.teufelaudio.com.

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