Things I Will Never Take For Granted When COVID-19 is Over

I am writing this to you in almost the middle of the night on day seven of my self-quarantine. Despite coming from Pakistan where women mostly live in quarantine anyway (with all the family), it has not been easy. I should have been used to it, But probably, some things do not come easy even if you have grown up doing those. Same is the case with me and this social isolation. To be honest, despite being perceived as an extrovert by people, I have always found solace is solitude. I thought social distancing would come naturally to me. But it has not really been the case. Not that I am craving to meet people outside my house, I just want to be out and about.

This period has made me realize the importance of all the things that I took for granted before.

Enjoying outdoors

It is the autumn season which most of the Australians had been looking forward to after all the scorching months. However, seemingly there is not much choice now.

Not constantly worrying for my parents who are in Pakistan

They say COVID-19 is most dangerous for the elderly. Although my parents in Pakistan are in good health and spirit, they are above sixty and thinking of them being there with no adequate healthcare that can treat them well in the time of adversities is a constant source of anxiety.

The freedom to travel at my own 

By this, I do not mean travelling down the ruins of the Roman Empire or Swiss Alps. Even having the freedom of travelling on the local train to the nearby suburb where they make the best Belgian waffles is a dream now.

Shopping from the organic markets

I have never been a mall person. Going to the organic markets and shopping the fresh produce straight from the farm has always been my hobby. The fear of catching and spreading COVID-19 stops me from dreaming of that pleasure anymore.

Having McDonald’s Chocolate Sundae whenever I want

No matter how many desserts are available in this world. I will always remain a fan of McDonald’s soft-serve ice cream which melts every woe in my heart. For now, I can only dream of it.

Crunching in the gym

Maybe not many people would believe me saying this but I am a complete gym buff. Melting myself down crunching with the heavy dumbbells always made me the happiest. I did get myself an endurance mat and some dumbbells to stay fit at home. But obviously, the vibe is missing.

Going to the cinema

Despite all the streaming platforms available today, I will always and always remain a big screen person. Cinema creates the world the filmmaker actually wants you to dive in. I cannot even express how much I miss being in the cinema. First day, first show!

Testing makeup products before buying

I am sure most of the girls can relate to this. More than buying the new makeup testing different products to find that one appropriate shade and then clicking the selfies is what I dearly miss.

Hugging the people I love

There is something magical about hugging. The healing power of a hug is beyond the measures of the worldly jurisdiction. However, social distancing makes you miss those hugs even more.

A somewhat less toxic social media

Waking up to read about many people dying across the world is a nightmare I want to shake off. Sadly, in the days of COVID-19, this is our reality. Although social media was never pleasant, it is deadly now.

As much as I cannot wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to fizzle out, I am also counting days to get back to my normal life and thank God for all the things I have always taken for granted.

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