Social Media has become as toxic as it could get.

The Most Toxic Place of Today is Our Social Media Feed

I deactivated my Facebook account just a few days ago. Although being a writer, it is important to have a strong social media presence but I could somehow not handle it anymore. If looking at people’s pictures from their recent holidays pleased me, maybe I could still get on with it. But this was not the case. Facebook’s toxicity had started seeping in me too. Staying up late till night, I would often come across the Facebook posts that would fade my sleep even further. If humans are all about vibes, those on Facebook did not give out some of the most positive ones.

While deactivating Facebook brought back some sanity to my life, Twitter came in full swing. To me, Twitter has always been the biggest source of relief because I always felt that I could express myself better here. Although not initially, but later Twiter became my playground for exercising my self-assumed freedom of expression. This is why I also got the opportunity to come across the like-minded people here who became my friends for life. I knew that from wit to politics, Twitter had it all.

However, it seems that my quest for removing negativity from my life is still unfulfilled. I have deactivated my Facebook account but probably my Twitter also needs an overhaul if not break.

For the past few days, Twitter has become more toxic than ever.

The tolerance for the other person’s views was always rare but ut did exist. Now gone are the days when people would simply express their opinion and get going. It is all about completely shunning away another person’s complete ideology with the extent of personal attacks.

The current wave of hate on twitter started from the debate on Aurat March. While many women were fiercely protective of the cause, many people also had severe ideological issues with it. While the supporters believed that Aurat March was important to safeguard the rights of women in Pakistan, the opponents considered it a threat to the Islamic ideology. The debate even involved the nation’s favourite Americans Cynthia D. Richie and Richard Harris who even declared the murder Taliban better than the feminists of Pakistan.

Now if we look around, the situation in the neighbouring country India is no different (considering the DNA for both the nations is same). Anyone who dares to criticize Modi is ripped into threads and flesh on Twitter. There is no room for dissent in democratic India.

For those who want to live simply want to live and let live, there is probably no room left in the social media. Probably, it is time to turn the wifi off and get in touch with the real world and speak to them in person than simply liking their posts or sharing their tweets. It is high time we return to the bliss in life that comes from the sunshine on a cold day and not scroll through the social media feed to find posts that simply focus on hate. Every cloud has a silver lining. If deactivating my social media accounts has this optimistic end, let it be.

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