The Sense of Entitlement That is Higher Than the Himalayas

We are so driven by social media that even our writing muse comes from various tweets that we come across on one particular day. Not only this makes it easy for writers and journalists as they do not need to walk out of the comfort of their homes but it also exposes a bitter reality of our lives. We are far from real-life human interaction that we need to bank on social media even for our day to day topics to write on. Never mind, this is the reality of the digital world and we need to accept it.

The brighter side is that it has exposes many vices of our society more brutally than ever before. Recently, a video of a woman arguing with a policeman has been going viral on the internet. The lady seemed upset because another policeman had apparently misbehaved with her as he spoke in Punjabi. This definitely enraged social media as it exposed the fact that Punjabi is considered inferior in Urban Pakistan. But this is not all about this video.

It is also about the culture of an entitlement according to which no law enforcement agency has the right to question you even if you are going against the law. Now social media has started exposing such case but this is a practice prevalent in our society for generations now.

If you remember, a few months ago there was another viral video where a lady could not stand the fact that she was stopped by a policeman. The lady not only expressed her anger blatantly but also started abusing the policeman.

While we copy everything coming from the West we probably forget that in West you cannot escape if you have broken the law in one way or the other. There you might never get this liberty to get offended simply because you were going against the law. This culture has become a practice to the extent that people prefer namedropping even in the most trivial situations. People coming from influential families find it convenient to use the name of their affluent and powerful family members instead of following the course of law.

Even in schools, little children have this attitude and seem to take an offence when someone they consider inferior to them in social and economic stature has something to school them about.

I wonder if it says more about us as a society or is it the weakness of the law enforcement agencies who have failed to treat everyone fairly irrespective of which background they come from. Maybe these people who create a ruckus on roads and public places know that namedropping can help them get away with no matter what they do because this is how they have been saving themselves in the past. The situation is bleak and kindly pardon me for not being able to witness any silver lining in this cloud.

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