10 Business Ideas for Moms in 2020

The proportion of remote jobs or complex services delivered online is now higher than ever due to evolving digital technologies that allow a person to talk, text, have a videoconference, exchange files, share the computer screen, etc. – all via the Internet. The same truth applies to run a business – these same technologies allow entrepreneurs to deliver services to more people by often transcending geographical boundaries, to easily recruit people from various geographic locations around the country or the world, to manage their business from a distance, to advertise efficiently and even for free.

The availability of remote job opportunities makes it possible to combine family life with good income and self-fulfillment by bringing to life your cherished ideas, dreams, or visions. A good starting point when looking for an idea is to think of any service that could be of use to people in your circle of acquaintances, community, or even to yourself and consider making a business out of it. Below we attempt to provide a brief list of inspiring business ideas for moms 2020. For greater insight, feel free to also review this collection of business ideas for stay-at-home parents.

10 Potential Businesses to Start as a Mom

 Creating Handmade Items

Whether you choose to make decorative items or small handmade souvenirs, this is a perfect chance to manifest your creativity. Your children might even lend a helping hand while having fun. As your business expands, you can hire other moms.


If you dream about you and your family spending lots of time surrounded by nature, then consider growing some exotic herbs, spices, or berries that could be valuable as medicine, for tea, or for culinary purposes. You could extend your business by learning to extract essential oils for aromatic properties or for culinary use.

Language and Writing Related Services

Good language skills could be put to use by doing transcriptions, translations, or content writing. This is a truly vast industry so it is unlikely that your searches would be in vain. You might start working for a company and then provide your services as an individual contractor or even as a small business. This is obviously time-consuming, so if you pursue a college degree in parallel and need help writing an essay, consider using the help of specialized services, at least in case of emergencies. With kids by your side, the latter is guaranteed to happen occasionally.

Buying and Reselling Items

If you identify certain goods that are really scarce in your area which causes people to greatly overpay, this is a perfect chance to both capitalize on this and offer these people better prices.

Running a YouTube Channel or Blog

Consider running a video blog or journal about your experiences and challenges as a mom. Any content is possible but try to offer something really unique. This could generate income only if it reaches high popularity, so you should probably treat this as a fun side project unless it gains momentum.

Teaching and Tutoring

You could teach computers to the elders, math, physics, coding, or music to students, etc. This can be done at your premises or online. You could even combine teaching your clients with teaching your own children.

Yoga Training

Running a self-made Yoga or fitness studio at home is yet another of those business ideas for moms that comes with added benefits, namely, that of helping you (and your children) lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Services for Elders

This could start with home health care, home cleaning services, and end with home deliveries of food and other basic goods for elders or incapacitated people.

Organiser of Events

Starting with birthday parties for kids and ending with weddings, this could be a highly rewarding activity.

Travel Agent

You could design various travel experiences and routes by taking into account different client preferences, for instance, cuisine, landscape, or architecture exploration and then arrange all the bookings for your customers.

Some Words of Encouragement

A business for moms can take an incredible number of forms and we mentioned only a few of these. Feel free to find here some more ideas and tips on choosing a business idea and implementing it. Among such business 2020 ideas could also be running an accounting firm, writing business plans, grant proposals, or even college applications, making real-time voice-guided tours through museums and other touristic places, running a repair service for certain products or troubleshooting computer problems online, doing website or graphic design, selling legal products like legal e billing software, designing advertising campaigns, and much, much more.

A key consideration is to start small, have realistic expectations, and avoid great risks. And keep in mind that the vast majority of startups don’t fail because the idea is bad but rather because it is either poorly implemented or because the expectation of how it will play out on the market is unrealistic. Hence, it is vital to study the market well, to estimate the competition, the demand, the costs, the profit, as well as the risks and how to mitigate them. With a realistic estimate of the potential, you are likely to have fewer surprises.

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