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TOWNEW takes on the trash transforming

trash can

Knectek Labs is showcasing TOWNEW, their latest featured product and honoree of the ‘CES Innovation Award’ smart tech trash can to CES 2020 audiences, allowing consumers the opportunity to experience this self-sealing and hassle-free solution to the everyday bane of household chores for the first time.

Townew is fitted with a Refill Ring that contains enough recyclable material to create 25 trash bags. Its touchless design opens the lid with a wave of the hand. When full, a button press on the front seals the bag, opens the top assembly for bag removal, then closes to pull a new bag into place. If the lid won’t close due to overloading, the trash can will automatically lift the top and seal the bag for removal 

TOWNEW takes full control of your household waste saving you time, effort and foul-smelling experiences that are best avoided. Offering a hassle-free alternative to the unglamorous realities of trash disposal, these promises may smell fishy to the skeptic, but thanks to TOWNEW’s self-sealing technology, the trash can shall only be seen and not smelled. 

William Wong, Head of Sales at Knectek Labs said: “Creating a 100% recyclable refill ring that contains 25 durable trash bags each holding 15.5L, TOWNEW kept the eco-conscious consumer in mind here by using HDPE material meaning you save time and the environment. Whether you’re throwing leftover sloppy-joes or stinky diapers nothing will escape the moisture and water-resistant sealing capability of this trash can.”

TOWNEW is transforming the everyday chores of the modern, strapped-for-time generation through providing multiple functions:

  • Self-sealing – Built-in thermoplastic sealing automatically encloses the trash bag, meaning the only task on your to-do list is holding down the ‘HOME’ button for three seconds.
  • Self-changing – Independence that no other trash can offer. This means no more hunting around for a new bag and faffing about lining the trash can, simply press a button and drop in your garbage.
  • Infrared sensing – Go hands-free with infrared sensor technology which pops open the lid when your waste heads within 35cm of the trashcan. If you’re doing a big clear out? One tap, open sesame, the lid will remain open.
  • Overload feature – The gamble of whether you can squeeze and balance those last few bits is taken out of your hands as the trash can will detect when it can’t take any more and will lift its top compartment catching all overfill and avoiding any spillage.
  • Seals in odors – Self-sealing tech which keeps all those unwanted bad odors within the trash can.
  • Rechargeable battery – All these features are powered by a 2000 mAh battery which will last a full month after a 10-hour charge.

The trash can is fitted with infrared sensors that detect movement at a range of 35 centimeters (about 14 inches). The bags are pulled from the Refill Ring and cut and sealed using thermoplastic tech. The rechargeable 2000mAh battery should last a month after a 10-hour charge.

Townew can only hold about 15.5 liters (4 gallons) of trash, which is small by American kitchen standards. And those Refill Rings aren’t exactly environmentally friendly. A better design would replace the spool of bag material only, instead of having to throw away the depleted hard-plastic ring every month. Refill Rings are available in 100-percent recyclable and biodegradable options.


Available from the TOWNEW website, Amazon, Walmart, and Newegg at prices of MSRP 119.95 USD and a Launch Price of 99.95 USD. TOWNEW can be found at CES at Digital Experience! at CES, Innovation Awards Showcase at Sands/Venetian and Knectek booth at Suite 30-3213.

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