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LG Electronics (LG) will introduce at CES 2020 an impressive lineup of soundbars featuring premium quality audio, easy connectivity, smart functionality and sleek designs that integrate perfectly with LG’s stunning TVs. 

The new soundbars promise all the features you’d expect — things like premium quality audio, ease of connectivity, and sleek designs that integrate quite nicely with LG’s TVs. The 2020 lineup will also bring features like “Image Elevation,” which the company says makes for a more impressive listening experience by “elevating the perceived height of lead instruments and vocals.” But the biggest new feature, the one LG is touting the most and which the new soundbars have already been making headlines for, is called AI Room Calibration — a system that automatically adjusts the output from these new soundbars to perfectly match the acoustics of whatever room you’re in.

This new feature for LG’s forthcoming premium soundbars works by recognizing and analyzing tones to accurately and automatically assess the dimensions of any given space — and to self-calibrate accordingly. Additionally, when playing content that’s been mastered with Dolby Atmos or DTS:X, users will enjoy what LG promises is “breathtakingly realistic surround sound” that seems to originate from multiple directions. 

Other features of LG’s 2020 soundbar lineup include:

  • More cinema-like audio, with the optional SPK8 Wireless Rear Speaker Kit that’s compatible with most new LG soundbar models.
  • Google Assistant is also built into more models for 2020, which means users can control compatible smart home devices from their LG soundbar.
  • The flagship model also comes with two wireless rear speakers that help deliver 360 degrees of incredibly immersive sound.

The soundbars also rely on an advanced processing algorithm that can upscale file formats to near-studio quality.
For the most vivid home theatre experience possible, LG’s new soundbars offer 4K Pass-Through and more cinema-like audio with the optional SPK8 Wireless Rear Speaker Kit, compatible with most new LG soundbar models. And with Google Assistant built into more models for 2020, users can control compatible smart home devices from their LG soundbar with the comfort and ease of conversational voice commands. Connectivity will be easier than ever with the addition of enhanced audio return channel (eARC) so owners can plug external devices directly into their eARC compatible TVs and enjoy the three-dimensional sound of high-resolution audio formats such as Dolby True HD or DTS Master Audio. 

Among LG’s new entries in the soundbar category are two CES Innovation Award winners. Premium models SN9YG and SN11RG are recognized for their enhanced sound quality and usability while the flagship model SN11RG is a 7.1.4-channel system complete with two wireless rear speakers that deliver forward- and up-firing sound for 360 degrees of auditory bliss. With sleek, future-proof designs that match perfectly with the minimalist aesthetics of LG’s sleek 55- and 65-inch TVs, these stylish soundbars create seamless visual harmony that looks splendid in any room.

“Our goal has always been to bring better sound to more people and by offering more great products that leverage our successful partnership with Meridian, our latest soundbars help achieve this,” said Park Hyung-woo, head of LG Home Entertainment Company’s audio and video business. “High-performance, convenient and very versatile, LG’s newest models will make the premium audio experience accessible to more customers worldwide.”

Visitors to LG’s CES booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center (Central Hall #11100) can experience the company’s latest soundbar innovations firsthand. Keep up on LG’s announcements at CES by following #LGCES2020 on social media.

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